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Pimp your eyes with Temporary Eye Tattoos!

Use temporary tattoos as eye makeup

The good news is that tattoos are no longer limited to arms, backs, and legs. Nowadays they form an integral part of your makeup. And this is certainly the case with temporary tattoos, adding the finishing touch to any look. Violent Lips Tattoos: were previously featured on this blog: beautiful, temporary lip tattoo appliques to give your lips a striking painted effect. But why limit yourself to your lips?

These two fantastic eye collections are featured on TattooForAWeek: Stargazer Sexy Eye Tattoos and Violent Eyes temporary eye appliqués. These temporary tattoos will make your eyes stand out even more, transforming them into real eye-popping eye-catchers! Another big advantage is that your makeup will stay in place all through the night, while real makeup often falls short of this goal. And not everyone is a professional makeup artist. Stargazer Sexy Eye Tattoos designs are virtually impossible to replicate with eyeliner, even for professionals. Do you want to dazzle at the next party? Then try these temporary eye appliqués!

Stargazer Sexy Eye Tattoos

Sexy temporary eye tattoos from Stargazer

Stargazer Sexy Eyes Tattoos will give you a dramatic and somewhat theatrical look in one 'glance'. Great for dress up evenings or masquerade balls. These temporary tattoos also make a stunning impact at parties. Why blend in with the crowd? The Stargazer tattoos are notable for their intricate detailed designs, often with a lacy effect. They go perfectly with fashionable painted lips and/or theatrical jewelry.

The collection consists of six different packages, each temporary lip tattoo more stunning than the next: ‘Flourish’, ‘Rose’, ‘Four eyeliners’, ‘Rose and bows’, ‘Stockings’ and ‘Flame’.

Sexy Eyes Temporary Tattoos - styles

The eye appliqués are easy to apply, just like other temporary tattoos, and they stay in place all day long. Remember to avoid contact with oily substances. This assortment of Stargazer sexy eyes tattoos can be found at TattooForAWeek for just 5.99 euros a pair.

Violent Eyes

Violent Eyes

The Violent Eyes collection is part of the debut collection from Violent Lips. It will therefore come as no surprise that the tattoos are colorful and eye-catching. All the tattoos from Violent Eyes contain glitter. You've probably noticed that when you apply glitter makeup, at the end of the evening the glitter is almost everywhere. Not really stylish, to say the least. This problem is perfectly solved by Violent Eyes. They will remain in place for up to sixteen hours, as if you've just applied your makeup.

Violent Eyes by Violent Lips

Violent Eyes temporary eye appliqués come in packs of four pairs, from modest to large - for even more dazzling results. Order them now for 11.90 euros per package from our Violent Eyes section! Not sure how to apply them? Watch this instructional video. As you’ll see, it’s really a piece of cake.


Get creative!

Anyone can get creative with these temporary tattoos from Stargazer and Violent Eyes. Snip them into a unique individual design, or supplement them with liquid eyeliner, eye shadow, or false eyelashes. Take a look at how these ladies do it!

Creative with temporary eye tattoos Creative with Stargazer Sexy Eye Tattoos


Like all tattoos featured on TattooForAWeek, both collections meet the most stringent international safety and quality requirements. Stargazer Sexy Eye Tattoos are made in the United Kingdom, and the Violent Eye Tattoos collection are produced in the United States.

Be sure to guard against fake temporary tattoos from Asian countries! These products are often made with inferior ink, resulting in allergies or worse. Always look for products from reliable suppliers. Always check whether the brand name is on the packaging and/or on the back of the tattoo. After all, you will be applying the tattoos directly to your skin. And nobody wants irritated skin just for the sake of a night out. At TattooForAWeek you can always rely on safety!

Have fun experimenting!

See you soon!


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