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Put your cuticles in the ... ink!

Temporary tattoos continue to be upwardly mobile. Especially when it comes to make-up tattoos, there are all kinds of innovations. After the brilliant Violent Lips Tattoo, a new surprise has already been introduced and we are not at all sorry about it. Because, just like you, we just couldn't get enough of all those pearls at TattoForAWeek. And guess what the latest hype is?

Cuticle temporary tattoos!

Cuticle tattoos


A tattoo on your cuticle? Is that even possible? Sure it is! A cuticle tattoo is exactly what the word suggests: a contemporary piece of nail art for the arch above your nail. Call it the finishing touch of your manicure. The tattoo provides an extending and original effect for your painted nails.

A great idea!

Who came up with this concept? A young and self-willed couple in the USA. Former MTV Style Editor Chrissy Mahlmeister had been dealing with a nail-art obsession for years. The only remedy for it was to start her own business. That was the only way she could channel her creative energy. Together with her boyfriend, she started Rad Nails. At first the duo only designed Nail Wraps, but in July of 2012 they added the Cuticle Tattoos to this. In other words: blame it all on Chrissy!

Cuticle tattoos

Flaming nails

The Nail Wraps by Rad Nails are spicy: the colours are fresh and the style is young. They instantly provide you with flashy nails, because no drying time is required once you've stuck them on. Extra convenient! Plus, the finishing is much more refined than that of the nail polish method. And...if you combine them with the Cuticle Tattoos? Then your nails instantly become...

Extra fiery!

The Cuticle Tattoos seamlessly match the Nail Wraps. You can choose from: "Another Round, Your point? or In a Pinch." Each and every one of them is a great design that extends, beautifies and sharpens your nails! Not for cats to pick up without gloves.

Cuticle temporary tattoos with a little diamond

Elegance with a bow

The more the merrier. And so, Ciaté was also included in the adventure. Perfect, of course! In this way, we were immediately gifted a very different style of cuticle tattoos. Literally... because Ciaté's logo is... a tiny bow. Are you curious to see what's in the parcel?

Boudoir chique

Ciaté London takes you to the trendy world cities. The brand creates nail polishes with a touch of Paris chique, from metropolis London. Clearly a dreamy combination, because the result is magnificent: irresistible containers with colours that look good enough to eat. And from now on also available with cuticle tattoos... Choose the characteristic Ciaté bow, a diamond, stars or a mysterious triangle. All dreamed-up accessories for perfectly styled nails.

Ciaté cuticle tattoos

In a jiffy...

Cuticle tattoos are easy to apply. Just like with other temporary tattoos, you hold the print face-down on the place where you want the tattoo. This can be the cuticle or the nail. Then you wet the paper on the top side. Press down for a second and it's done! Instant super nails, without inconvenient drying time. Want a different pair? No problem! The tattoo comes off quickly with nail polish remover.

Temporary tattoos; they keep surprising us. Are you curious about the new brilliant ideas bubbling up from the tattoo well too? Be sure to keep following us. We'll keep you in the loop!

Till next time!

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