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Custom Temporary Tattoos

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Turn any logo or design into a custom temporary tattoo!

You can choose to email the tattoo to info@tattooforaweek.com and pay by invoice, or you can enter and pay for it online below.

Custom temporary tattoos are an effective, affordable & unique way to make sure your company or event gets noticed!

NEW : CUSTOM RHINESTONE TATTOOS. Send an e-mail for a tailor-made quotation.

You can use your temporary tattoos in countless occasions and in all shapes and colours. Just imagine using them for advertising, exhibitions, weddings, parades, demonstrations, parties, entrance control, gifts in magazines, handouts at trade fairs, school & charity fund raising, as a campaign tool or to promote sports teams, music bands & small businesses. Whatever you want to use them for, we can make it happen!

To ensure that your customised tattoos are of the same superior quality that you have come to expect from us, we apply a delivery time of 3 weeks.