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Halloween 2022 with Tattoo For A Week

Autumn is here and with the season it's time to prepare the most monstrous party of the year...Halloween!

Halloween is the party of the year where young and old alike can dress up in their best costumes and transform themselves into the character of their dreams, be it a monster, a superhero, an artist or whatever. You can choose who you want to be, at least for one day!

It's a special occasion that many of us look forward to like Christmas.
A special occasion means a special transformation! On the site you will find everything you need to meet your expectations and give your costume a unique touch. What makes a good costume are all the little details you can add to it.

From temporary tattoos to contact lenses and prosthetics (with Tinsley Transfers' 3D Tattoo fx), getting the Halloween look you want will be a breeze.

You can find thousands of references of quality products, from brands known for their know-how and you can find tattoos, small or large, more real than life at affordable prices. As the name suggests, the temporary tattoos in the shop last very well, so you can remove them or keep them for a few days.

You'll see the makeup I did with different 3d fx transfers in this article, these products are just great because in a short time you get a professional look at home even if you don't know much about makeup. You just have to put them on as simple temporary tattoos and to make up a little bit as you want ( by adding fake blood that you can also find on the website ) .

I also propose you some looks with tattoos to give you a lot of ideas for this party that I like so much ! For the bigger tattoos, I advise you to get help to make sure they are placed correctly.

Don't hesitate to browse through the previous blog posts and the Tattoo for a week website to find your happiness and inspiration.

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By Jenni Kalamity


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