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Tattoo Pens

Create stunning tattoo designs that last with Tattoo Pens. These revolutionary temporary tattoo pens make it easy to draw any design that lasts all day long.

Once dry the tattoo design last until they are removed with make up remover. Each pen has a slim brush tip that gives you complete control and the smooth line you need. The colours are bright, saturated and won't fade.

The cosmetic tattoo pens are perfect for body painting, photoshoots and theatrical work. They're also great if you want to try out your tattoo design before you have it done for real! ".

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Tattoo pen

A tattoo pen is ideal to make your own fake tattoo. Tattoo pens are available at Tattooforaweek in different colours. Buy a correction pen if you accidentally make a mistake in drawing your own design with the tattoo pen.

Tattoo pens

Tattoo pens are ideal to express all your creativity on your own skin or on other people's skin. Become a true tattoo artist and live it up on your friends' skin. Of course you don't become a tattoo artist overnight, it takes practice! There are many different colours with which you can create the most beautiful designs. The pens can even be used as make-up, which of course lasts extra long. The tattoo pens can also be combined with stencils. If you find drawing your own tattoo a bit too difficult, print your favourite design and stick this fake tattoo on your body with tattoo paper.

Fake tattoo pen

The tattoo pens are dermatologically tested and therefore skin friendly. They are also suitable for children. Because it is of course always possible that you have an allergic reaction to the ingredients of the tattoo pen, always test it on a sensitive piece of skin. The tattoo pen stays on for a few days until you remove it with make-up remover. Each tattoo pen has a slim brush tip that gives you full control when drawing a smooth line. The colours are nice and bright, saturated and they don't fade. So if you are looking for a temporary tattoo, order at Tattooforaweek.