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Instructions Violent Eyes Tattoos

Video instructions for Violent Eyes Tattoos:


Violent Eyes Step By Step Instructions

You need a cotton tip, water, scissors, a mirror and the Violent Eyes.

  1. Make sure your eyes are dry and free of any oils. You can apply Violent Eyes over eye primers and powder based products.
  2. Remove the desired Violent eyes shape from the stencil
  3. Measure the Violent Eyes applique to your eye, starting from the outside corner in.
  4. If needed, cut the inner eye corner of the Violent Eyes applique to your eye width measurement according to the guidelines.
  5. Peel the plastic film off of the Violent Eyes applique.
  6. Slightly wet the paper backing of the Violent Eyes appliqué with a moist cotton tip to make the appliqué flexible.
  7. Handle the corners of the applique carefully and apply the sticky side of the Violent Eyes appliqué to your eyelid, placing it as close as you can to your lash line. Continue to soak the paper backing in water with the tip until the paper backing slides off easily.
  8. Seal and smooth the Violent Eyes appliqué with the wet cotton tip. Repeat steps for the other eye.


TO REMOVE: Use an oil based makeover remover or wipe.



Tips from the profs

You can apply additional makeup over Violent Eyes as long as you dont rub too hard or use anything with sharp edges.

Use a wet cotton tip to wipe away any access makeup on top of the Violent Eyes applique.

If there's any lifting at the outer edge of the eye, you can use eye lash glue to adhere it down.