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Anchor Tattoos and Their Meaning

When the anchor tattoo started to become popular, it was present only among sailors and people who spent a lot of time on the sea. These sea people tattooed anchors on their bodies because they were symbols that accompanied them throughout their journeys and brought them a sense of stability, of being tied to one place although traveling a lot. Hello Sailor anchor tattoo Amy Winehouse
Nowadays, this anchor design has been adopted by ordinary people everywhere around the world, most of them not knowing about its origins. Rockers, motor bikers and even women tattoo anchors on their skin because they love this appealing old-school design that has different meanings. Simple black anchor tattoo If you dig deeper, you will find out that the anchor has many more meanings than the one associated with the sea.

We bet that you never thought about the anchor as a camouflage for the symbol of the Holy Cross.
Blue anchor tattoo Well, it was used like that, because people didn’t want to display it but at the same time they felt the need to carry a representation of their faith. This way, they kept their faith and pride of being faithful intact without other people knowing.

The most common meaning of the anchor is the one of stability and power, brought by its function of holding one vessel in one place.
Sailor pin up with anchor tattoo People get anchor tattoos to show that they reached such a point of stability in their lives or maybe that they are searching for one that keeps them holding tight when times get rough. Anchor heart tattoo Also, some persons have an anchor tattooed on their body to remind them of someone they lost or dedicated to someone who represented a standing pillar in their lives. This reminder has the purpose of bringing strength and optimism in whichever situation.

Another deep meaning of the anchor is the one that shows a strong will and power when facing abuse and discrimination. The anchor symbol shows that the person bearing it has a mentality that protects him or her of any kind of abuse.
Lady Gaga anchor tattoo Of course that its relation to the sea comes always to mind when seeing an anchor, so the symbolism of the vast, deep, blue sea is associated with the anchor. If you decide to get an anchor tattoo because you consider its symbolism meaningful to you, then there are many options of design available. You can get a simple one, but also customize it with different other symbols such as a rose, a snake, a rope or a ladder, adding thus a deeper and more personal touch to your tattoo. Bon Voyage anchor tattoo Try a temporary anchor tattoo before getting the real one, it is easy to remove and you can see where it would fit you best. We have many designs for you!

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