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How does it work?

How do our temporary tattoos work?
Below we give you all the information about how to attach, remove and what to watch out for our tattoos.

Step 1

Clean your skin with a damp cloth and make it free of all oil and makeup.

Make sure to dry your skin afterwards.


Step 2

Remove the clear, protective top layer from the temporary tattoo.

For navel tattoos : make a hole in the middle of the tattoo paper, so later you can easily see where the belly button is.


Step 3

Press your tattoo firmly onto clean, dry skin with the design side down.


Step 4

Press the wet cloth against the back of the tattoo. Make sure the cloth is well wetted.


Step 5

Wait for at least 30 seconds before removing the paper. There's no need to rush.

Carefully lift a corner of the tattoo to check the tattoo is separating from the paper. If it does not: more wetting.

If the tattoo has some fine components it may happen the tattoo does not release the paper. In that case you should set aside the temporary tattoo before lifting it.


Step 6

Rinse your brand new tattoo gently with water for the best possible results.


How to remove?

Saturate the tattoo with household alcohol or baby oil, wait for 10 seconds and rub off tattoo with cotton ball. Or remove tattoo from dry skin using strips of adhesive tape.


Do not use on sensitive skin, near eyes or if you are allergic to glue.

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