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Feather Tattoos – Meanings and Design

Feather tattoos and their meanings
Feather tattoos come in very different styles, colors and with different accessories, depending on the preferences of each person. Their most common meaning relates to the Native American tribes and their traditions, showing that the person wearing one such feather tattoo has Native American roots or a deep respect for their culture. View here our feather temporary tattoos! Amy Winehouse Feather Tattoo Native American peoples have a big respect for birds and their feathers and wear them as accessories in different combinations either on their clothes or hair, either as jewelry or even weapons. Feathers were also part of the celebration garments that Native American chiefs used to wear in different ceremonies. The symbol attributed to the feather is the connection to the spiritual dimension and also it is also used to represent the power of the gods, wind and air. The most common type of feather used in tattoos is the eagle feather and this is because the Native Americans had great respect for this bird. Feathers were given to warriors if they were courageous, they were also used in ceremonials and they were associated with people who had died and passed into the other life. However, not only the Native Americans used the feather as a symbol, but also other cultures. In ancient Christianity the feather symbolized virtue but also a trilogy of hope, faith and charity. The Celts also had feathers in their culture, being used on the clothes of Druids in sacred ceremonies, while the Egyptians associated feathers with gods in the sky. Dream catcher with feathers tattoo One common popular culture understanding of a feather tattoo nowadays is that they represent dreams, which comes of course from the association with the dream catcher. White feathers can represent innocence and a rebirth from a spiritual point of view while red feathers are about love and passion. Strepik Feather temporary tattoo People usually choose to tattoo one feather but there are some who have two or three, with no specific difference in meaning. The most common bird feathers come from eagles, peacocks, ostriches or swallows. Peacock feathers can be really beautifully colored and so many people choose to tattoo them just for their beauty, without caring for a specific symbol. Thinking about all these birds, it can become clear how natural the association with the word “freedom” comes to mind, so feather tattoos can also lead to the idea of freedom and from this onward to each person’s spiritual beliefs. Feather tattoo Regarding the location of the feather tattoo on your body, it’s a very versatile tattoo and can be placed absolutely anywhere: on your arms, back, belly, leg, foot, neck and so on. You can choose your desired dimension and design and of course, the type of feather you want to have. So, if you are passionate about your dreams of if you love the idea of freedom and rebirth, you should get a feather tattoo and maybe start from a temporary one to see how it looks on you. After that you can decide if getting a permanent feather tattoo is what you really want. Order your feather temporary tattoos here!

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