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Heart Tattoos and Their Meanings

Heart tattoo meanings

The heart symbol is one of the simplest and yet most meaningful for the human kind. The symmetrical two curved lines put together symbolize the core organ of the human body, the heart, the one that is responsible for blood circulation, a very important function.

This central organ of ours has been associated with the deepest and the most tormenting of the human feelings: love, this way making the symbol of the heart an instant reminder that love is everywhere and it makes the world go round. Of course that tattoos are one of the ways of employing the heart symbol to send a message or express feelings or beliefs. Many people choose to get a permanent or temporary heart tattoos that mean different things to them: their love for a person, for their parents or maybe for a pet, their love for a super star, for an activity or for an object and so on. The designs, shapes, colors and sizes of heart tattoo can be, of course, very different and varied, according to each person. There are simple minimalistic heart tattoos and there are complex tridimensional realistic heart designs that people choose to tattoo on their bodies, depending on their preferences. Some of the heart tattoo designs have generally-known interpretations and people who get them usually want to send the same message. Here are the most common heart tattoo designs and their meanings:

Black Heart Tattoos

Black Heart Tattoo Black heart tattoos are symbols for a sad loss for the person wearing one and they are most commonly associated with death. They show grief either for a relative who has passed away, for the ending of a relationship or for the memory of a tragic event.

Dagger Heart Tattoos

Dagger heart tattoo Dagger heart tattoos are quite common among tattoo fans. They can have two quite different meanings, either that the person has a courageous heart, either that he or she has been suffering a lot.

Flaming Heart Tattoos

Flaming heart tattoo Flaming heart tattoos are obvious symbols of some passionate love that the person wearing them is feeling. It can be dedicated to someone else or worn as a general characteristic of the person.

Broken Heart Tattoos

Broken heart tattoo Broken heart tattoos have one clear general meaning: deception in love. Persons decide to get such a tattoo if their loved one has left them or deceived them, to show the world how painful love can be.

Lock and Heart Tattoos

Lock heart tattoo Lock and heart tattoos have a deep meaning, showing that the person who has such a tattoo has his heart locked, only to be opened by one person.

Realistic Heart Tattoos

Realistic heart tattoo Realistic heart tattoos actually picture an exact image of the human heart and are not very common. People who want to be unconventional choose such a design.

Sacred Heart Tattoos

Sacred Heart Tattoo Sacred heart tattoos are very common tattoos of hearts that are surrounded by thorns, angel wings or have a crown on top. Some variations are even burning, all these being symbols of love towards Jesus Christ and a strong faith in religion.

Celtic Heart Tattoos

Celtic heart tattoos are praised for their beauty and people usually get them because they like the design and because they symbolize strength. The Celtic knots and spirals are very popular among tattoo fans.

Stitched Heart Tattoos

Stitched heart tattoos are usually done to show some pain or suffering that left scars on one’s heart or that it has been fixed by someone else.

Tribal Heart Tattoos

Celtic Heart Tattoo

Tribal heart tattoos have many variations and are done by people for their great design and spectacular appearance. There is no particular symbol behind the tribal heart tattoos, so each person can attribute its own to it.

Winged Heart Tattoos

Heart winged tattoo Winged heart tattoos are very common in people who want to show how free their spirit and soul is and also in people who have freed themselves from an addiction. Now that you know which are the most common heart tattoos, you can think about their interpretations when you see them on people or you can decide if you want your own, either temporary or permanent. Order your heart temporary tattoos here, huge choice!

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