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A new Look for Christmas With Temporary Tattoos

Christmas and New Year’s celebrations are just around the corner and it’s the time of year when everyone feels a sudden urge to decorate and spend hours in the kitchen making special preparations! And rightly so! If you’re feeling the itch… you’ve got to get creative!

Christmas Temporary Tattoo Table DecorationI personally like to wear a festive new Christmas outfit, or I take one from my closet and give it a facelift. I do the same with my decorations. And yes, it’s okay to go overboard, this time of year: gold, glitter, bows, bells, you name it.

In today’s design and decoration world, less if often more, but not in December; in December it can all be more is more. I was looking for something special that could help plunge everything big and small into Christmas mode this month. With the help of a few sheets of temporary tattoos, I was able to provide that Xtra touch. For an extra festive Christmas dinner, you can use these temporary tattoos on dishes, glasses and candles.

Praying Hands tattoo on a plate for Christmas I applied the 'praying hands' and a 'Virgin Mary' tattoo onto the plates and gave the glasses a dress of gold stars.

Cristmas Plate Decoration with Temporary TattoosThe glasses and plates for the little tykes among us, I decorated with the usual Christmas designs, like a snowman and Santa Claus.

Christmas kids plate decoration with temporary tattoos One thing that definitely gets a new coat is the Christmas tree, and not by buying it a whole new outfit, but by gussying up some plain ornaments.

Christmas Tree Temporary Tattoo Decoration Xmas decoratie with temporary tattoosYou can keep the tattoo design traditional for this if you like, but if you want a really cool outfit for your tree, you could grab some tribal tattoos for example. Let the children float off in a dream at the Christmas tree by dressing your Christmas baubles with enchanting design, such as fairies and butterflies.

The options for temporary tattoo designs are truly limitless; there is something for everyone.

A classic Maria Lupita tattoo looks beautiful on thick, sturdy candles and small, delicate tealights shine even prettier with a few gold stars on them.

Christmas decoration with temporary tattoosYou can decorate flower vases very stylishly with gold tattoos and champagne glasses also really like this color, while solid colored flower pots look great with snowmen and snowflakes.

Champagne glass decoration with golden temporary tattoosSo, from now on, you can change your Christmas decorations a little each year, without digging into your wallet too deeply.

For window dressers, preschool teachers and youth leaders, this is also a must-have item to dress the shop, window or room in that new Christmas outfit.

My living room and I are totally ready for Christmas time; all dressed in our newly refurbished Christmas fineries. Bring on the Christmas carols, presents and guests! Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

A few practical tips and things you’ll need:


It’s best to gather these together before you start:

Preparation for Christmas Decorating

Preparation for Christmas Decorating

Scissors, a bowl of water, paper towels or cloth, the items you’re decorating, sheet(s) of temporary tattoos, and a pinch of inspiration and creativity.


You apply the tattoos onto the items the same way you’d put them on your body:

1) the surface has to be clean and dry

2) remove the plastic film from the temporary tattoo

3) place the tattoo with the picture facing the item and gently press the temporary tattoo with a cloth or paper towel dipped in water for at least 30 seconds.

4) lift up a corner of the tattoo paper to check if the tattoo is coming off the paper. If it isn’t, moisten the tattoo a bit more.

5) finally, remove the tattoo paper and Abracadabra! The design is now on your Christmas bauble or candle. How to remove the temporary tattoos: You can remove the tattoo with alcohol or any kind of oil.


Make sure you keep your unused tattoos dry, because as soon as any water touches them, the glue is activated and they’re ruined.

Black and gold look great on a white or glass background.

For a round surface, such as a Christmas ball, opt for smaller designs, so you can apply them evenly.

Order your christmas temporary tattoos here!

Christmas table decorated with temporary tattoos Christmas candle decoration with temporary tattoos Christmas decoration with temporary tattoos candle with angel Christmas balls decoration with temporary tattoos Christmas balls decoration with temporary tattoos Christmas balls decoration with temporary tattoos

Christmas candles decoration with temporary tattoos

Christmas decoration with temporary tattoos

Have fun!

Katrien (Photos Sarah)

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