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Selena Gomez Shows off a New Tattoo During a Sunbathing Session

Selena Gomez new tattoo

Selena Gomez (now 21 years old) is still very young, and many people cannot help associating her with the Disney teen image that made her famous. As she is turning into a woman, she starts showing off new tattoos on her body. View here our gallery of celebrity temporary tattoos!

While she was having fun with her friends and sunbathing in Florida, she was photographed wearing a stunning zebra bathing suit that showed her beautiful curves, and surprise, a tattoo on her right thigh. It is clearly an inscription of words, but unfortunately it cannot be distinguished what it says exactly.

Selena has two other tattoos, a little music note on her wrist and the Roman numerals equivalent for 1976 (the year of her mother’s birth) on the back of her neck. As it looks, the actress and singer will surely get more tattoos in the coming years of her youth.

She and her friends surely had a great time under the Miami sun, as she also shows to her fans on Instagram by posting pictures and entitling them “Me libertando”, maybe related to her separation from Justin Bieber and the feeling of freedom that she has after this major event in her life.

Keep an eye open for more news about Selena if you are a fan, who knows, she might come up with a new tattoo sooner than you are expecting!

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