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Rock & Roll Chique with a Touch of Gold

Sin Gold Jewels - 24 carat gold temporary tattoos

I heard it plop into my mailbox yesterday morning at around 10:00. The invite to the VIP party celebrating the 10 year anniversary of one of our fantastic fashion designers in the City which I had been looking forward to receiving all week.

Like a box of chocolates, I opened the envelope eagerly, yet cautiously. I read the handwritten gold text, gracefully penned on the silky paper. My eyes kept returning to the section “Dress & Body!! Code”:

"Rock & roll chique with a touch of gold"

This was definitely food for thought,... the Eureka moment quickly occurred: temporary golden luxury tattoos ! I had read an article on it in some or other hip fashion magazine.

24 Carat Gold Tattoos

I really wanted to discuss the styling for the evening with my ‘BFF fashionista gang’, but since silence is golden and I wanted to surprise and shine that evening I kept my little secret to myself and ordered one of the golden tattoo pearls on the internet.

Temporary golden tattoos have been must haves at fashion shows and red carpet events for years.

Gold Sin Jewels

The Gold Sin Jewels golden range contains a wide variety of designs, like: oriental inspired designs, butterflies, bracelets, necklaces,… with a price range between £2.5 and £25.5

Gold Sin Jewels - gold temporary tattoos applied

I absolutely adore the flower designs (beautiful on your back if you are for example wearing an open back, black dress). I also loved the macramé bracelets.

24 Carat  Sin Gold Jewels Gold Flowers Tattoo

If you are really looking for spicy chic you can opt for the suspender belts. To complete my outfit I decided on a rose bracelet and 3 stars for on my shoulder.

Gold Sin Jewels Gold Temporary Tattoos Garther

Christian Dior

Luxury brand Christian Dior also has a collection of bracelets, necklaces, … (limited edition, and prices from 120 Euro). The tattoos are designed by Camille Micelli, the jewellery designer for Dior. The collection is named ‘Grand Ball Golden Tattoos’, and are made from 24 carat gold.

Christian Dior Grand Ball 24 carat gold tattoos

Christian Dior - Grand Ball Golden Tattoos

Granted, it may not be something that you buy on weekly shopping trips, for the right occasion, like this VIP evening, a wedding, old-year’s eve or to surprise your friend, … it is ‘the’ gadget, and a thorn in the side of other fashionista’s hoping to get all the ooh’s and ahh’s for their carefully selected outfits.

It sticks to your skin very easily, the jewel looks as if it is intertwined with your skin. The tattoos last on average 7 days and are easily washable.

Princess of the ball

Oh yes, before I forget…. the party itself was magical, and my tattoo from the King of metals made me feel like a princess. By the end of the night I was high on all the compliments on my excellent interpretation of the dress code (and somewhat tipsy from all the champagne).

Prinsess Of The Ball With Gold Tattoos

The disco lights had never been this flattering on my skin! My rock n roll princess quality was increasing as the hours grew younger. When the lights went out and the moonlight sparkled on my tattoos I was a whole lot of business cards and potential dates richer… my social calendar is quite full.

"If you act like you are golden, you 'll get the golden treatment, that's for sure."

Tips and Tricks

  • If you are going for golden tattoos make sure your other jewellery is also gold. Do not use golden tattoos in combination with silver jewellery.

  • Black, fuchsia, emerald green and burgundy are colours that look great with gold.

  • Your golden tattoo (for example bracelets) can also be combined with black tattoo bracelets. Make sure your tattoos are in the same style.

  • Golden tattoos are also an attractive extra for lingerie photo shoots, especially with black lingerie. Other golden accents can be achieved using golden eye shadow, golden body glitter, and golden nail polish and obviously your gold tattoo.

One last tip, TattooForAWeek has a great selection of fake golden tattoos, nobody will ever know the difference, only you and your wallet ;-)

Golden greetings,

Miss Katrien

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