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Instructions Violent Lips Tattoos

Violent Lips Video Instructions


1. Video instructions for the regular Violent Lips tattoos:






2. Video instructions for the Glitteratti Violent Lips Tattoos:




Violent Lips Step By Step Instructions


You need a pair of scissors, a mirror, cotton balls, water… and Violent Lips.


1. Remove the tattoo from the stencil. Make sure your lips are clean, dry and free from any product.



2. Measure witdt: Align and center of the top edge of the lip tattoo to the top edge of your lips and measure the width of your lips with your mouth open to a relaxed “Ahh” Shape (for Glitteratti: "Oh" shape!!).



3. Cut the width to your measurements using the vertical dotted lines as guides (on the back of the lip tattoos).



4. Measure the depth of your lips with your mouth open to a relaxed “Ahh” Shape (for Glitteratti lips: "Oh" shape!!). The depth of the lip tattoo should match you outher lip. The tattoo should not be applied on your inner lip (where your lips naturally stay wet).



5. Cut depth: Cut the depth to your measurements using the horizontal dotted lines as guides (on the back of the lip tattoos).



6. Only for the UPPER lip tattoo: Gently fold the tattoo in half. This makes applying the tattoo to the curves of your your upper lip easier.



7. Peel the plastic film off the tattoo.



8. APPLY: While keeping your mouth in a relaxed "Ahh" Shape (Glitteratti Tattoos: "Oh" shape) apply the sticky side of the tattoo to your lips. Soak the paper backing in water using your cotton ball until the paper slides off easily.



9. Seal and smooth the tattoo with a generous amount of water using your cotton ball. Wait 5 minutes for your lips to fully dry before you apply any product over your lips, eat or drink.



Tips from the profs


Make sure your lips are 100% clean and free of ANY kind of beauty product.


Never cut from the top line of the top Violent Lip pattern. Never Cut from the bottom line of the bottom Violent Lip Stencil.


Stay outside your inner lip waterline (that's where your lips naturally stay wet) on the top and bottom lips.


Don't be shy with the water when wetting the paper back. Use warm water whenever possible.


When you find your perfect fit simply save your backing paper for the top and bottom lip, that is now your own personal stencil.


When wearing your lips don’t eat anything too greasy since oil removes the appliqués. That’s one way to stick to your diet!


Use a straw while drinking when ever possible.


If you are using any product over the lip after it is fully dry make sure it is very light, not oily and not gummy.


Want to see if your favorite gloss, balm or Sealer works with Violent Lips? If you have excess tattoo from when you measured and cut your lips, we suggest applying that excess onto your hand. Apply it with water as you would on your lips, give it 5 minutes to dry and add any product you would normally wear over it to see if it stays put or not.