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Instructions Temporary Tattoo Pen

How to use temporary tattoo pens?


1. Wash and dry the skin. The tattoo will stay longer on a clean, dry skin.

2. Start by drawing on your design using the fine nib of the black tattoo pen.

3. Add colour using the variety of tattoo pens available. Allow to dry thoroughly      between each colour application.

4. Allow entire tattoo design to dry fully.


Things To Avoid.


* Contact with water especially after finishing. Don't go swimming, bathing or showering unless you are ready to remove the tattoo.

* Rubbing of clothing on the tattoo design.

* Application of creams or lotions on the tattoo.


How To Remove The Tattoo.


* Use Stargazer Corrector Pen for instant removal or to make small and precise corrections.

* Use make up remover to remove tattoo pen designs.

* Apply warm soapy water and rub gently.

* Easily removes while showering.