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Instructions Temporary Tattoo Paper

Temporary Tattoo Paper Step By Step Instructions

You need a pair of scissors, cotton balls, water and the two different sheets you received: a clear decal tattoo paper sheet (with text "Inkjet/Clear waterslide decal paper" or "Inkjet Tattoo Paper Printing Paper" on the back) and a adhesive sticker sheet.

1. Arrange the designs with any graphic software program on a page (size 10.5x15 cm - 4x6 inch). Don't forget to mirror the images if necessary (always mirror names, texts, numbers, banners and any other design that is not symmetric).

2. It is recommended that you print your design on a plain paper first before using the waterslide removable tattoo paper.

The water slide temporary tattoo paper should be fed into your printer one sheet at the time. You should also remove all other paper from your printer. This is to avoid a paper jam in the printer because the tattoo paper is thicker than regular print paper.


3. Print on the glossy side of the decal tattoo paper.

When using laser printer paper: Use the manual feed to insert the paper.

4. Wait until the the paper has cooled down (laser priner) and the ink is fully dry (2 - 3 minutes).

5. Remove the front side of the adhesive sticker sheet.

6. Apply the adhesive sticker sheet to the printed side of the tattoo sheet. Be sure to remove all air bubbles.

7. Use scissors to cut around each individual tattoo design, as close as possible to the design.

8. Remove the adhesive backing from the tattoo paper.

9. Apply the tattoo on your skin and press firmly for 20 seconds. The skin must be clean, dry and free of hair .

10. Wet the tattoo with a damp cloth for 60 seconds. Make sure the tattoo is thoroughly wet.

11. Remove the paper to reveal the tattoo.


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Temporary Tattoo Paper Video instructions

Here is a video on how to apply the temporary tattoo paper.

Please note:

1. The newer version of the tattoo paper has no cover, so the phrase 'Peal of the front layer of the decal paper' (Video second 21 to 26 ) is no longer applicable

2. Although the video states that the tattoos can be printed with a laser printer, TattooForAWeek advises you not to print the tattoos with your laser printer because this may cause damage (the glossy side can melt because of the heat inside the laser printer).