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Walking advertisement – Say it with a tattoo!

A new trend was created at the start of the millennium. Companies and marketing agencies discovered a striking way in which to introduce their products to people: via tattoos, preferably facial tattoos. Very quickly several people offered to serve, at considerable prices, as a ‘human billboard’. And it worked! They were approached various times a day with questions about their remarkable tattoos.

2003: the first ‘human billboard’ made its appearance

CI HOST - Jim Nelson - www.tattooforaweek.com

The American Jim Nelson was the first to have a so-called ‘skinvertisement’ placed. In 2003 the internet Company ‘CI Host’ reportedly paid him 7.000 dollar for tattooing their logo on his neck. Nelson had to leave the tattoo for five years. Unfortunately for him, and CI Host, the Company did not last that long. The same story with Karolyne Smith. To pay school fees for her children she had the logo goldenpalace.com tattooed on her forehead. She received 10.000 dollars for this. Goldenpalace.com. is also long gone. Karolyne now hides the tattoo under a fringe.

goldenpalace.com - Karolyne Smith - www.tattooforaweek.com

Some went even further and became a walking advertisement for various companies. Just look at the American boxer who was looking for a quick way to provide for his five children. Je apparently had 37 tattoos placed! It’s not very attractive, but it’s definitely effective.

37 tattoos - skinvertisement - www.tattooforaweek.com 37 tattoos - skinvertisement - www.tattooforaweek.com 37 tattoos - skinvertisement - www.tattooforaweek.com

Temporary advertisements

buy my face - www.tattooforaweek.com

Then it does seem a little smarter to choose for temporary advertising. And certainly not less lucrative, it seems. In 2011 Ed Moyse and Ross Harper, two students from Cambridge University (England), had the bright idea of painting advertisements on their faces against payment. They wanted to live this way for one year and pay off their collective study debts of 50.000 pounds. Interested parties could reserve their faces for a day via the website www.buymyface.co.uk.

In the first ten days of their project they made 3.500 pounds! It should come as no surprise that they finally succeeded in paying all of their study debts.

They were however not the first to come with the idea of temporary advertisements. A few years ago various companies used so-called ‘Forehead advertising’, where people were paid to place temporary tattoos on their forehead. CUNNING, a marketing agency from London, even invented a new name for it, namely ForeheADS.

Temporary tattoos customized at TattooForAWeek

custom tattoo - www.tattooforaweek.com

Do you have your own company and do you want to see the effect of a tattoo marketing action for yourself? Then order your temporary tattoos on TattooForAWeek! The order procedure is quite simple and completely digital. You load your logo or any other design on the website, choose the size (from 3.8 cm by 3.8 cm to 12.7 cm by 17.8 cm), the transparent level, and the text for the back (manual). Within a few weeks you receive your personalized temporary tattoo.

You obviously do not have to limit it to a company logo. Are you getting married soon? Why don’t you have a temporary tattoo with your invitation on it made so that your guests can wear this on the big day? Are you organizing an event? The temporary tattoos can work perfectly as access control. Or hand them out weeks before to create a buzz. Nothing makes people as curious as seeing the same tattoo pop up everywhere. The temporary tattoos are also perfect for example, to promote a rock band.

Not completely convinced yet? Then the soft prices will certainly convince you. Click here for the rates per size and quantity. Just like all our other tattoos, these tattoos are also of impeccable quality! They are also completely safe for the user.

Order now and experience for yourself how tattoos can help your company or event! Go for it!

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