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Valentine's Teasing Temporary Tattoos

Can you remember last Valentine’s Day? Was it original, exciting, romantic?

Shhh…don’t say anything about my Valentines surprise! Shhh…don’t say anything about my Valentines surprise!

Many people are probably getting a little frown between the eyebrows and an imaginary comic cloud above the head at the visual remainder playing off before them.

I am certain at least one person is experiencing the butterflies again and instantly developing a smile thinking of memories of last Valentine’s day.

The lucky boyfriend of my friend Miss S! And obviously Miss S herself as well. Because giving is as great a virtue as receiving.

Cards, flowers, dinners, perfume, sexy lingerie,… yes these were all there, but this is not why last Valentine’s Day was so memorable.

Miss S had discovered ‘temporary tattoos for Valentine’s Day‘.

Preparing for Valentine's Day - Love you to the moon and back tattoo Preparing for Valentine's Day - Love you to the moon and back tattoo

As so many other couples they had agreed on dinner, her boyfriend booked a table in a cozy restaurant in the city and came to pick her up at home, like a true gentleman. So far this is a 'Valentine's scene, as many others.’

Miss S was wearing a beautiful, trendy, long raincoat, not only because the weather outside was nothing like the bright, shiny and loving thoughts filling her this 14th February.

She was hiding something, something quite attractive.

Upon entering the restaurant the maître d’ took her coat, at the same time her boyfriend spotted (and not only his eyes) her unlikely sexy but classy appearance.

Besides having her hair pinned up, flattering make-up, and wearing the timeless 'little black dress' highlighting her natural beauty, Miss S had the luminous idea of applying fashionable temporary Valentine's tattoos.

The first thing he noticed was the heart on her cleavage, the creamy red kissy lips on her arm around the three-word-sentence suggesting the whole vibe of the evening ‘iloveyou’ .

Iloveyou & kisses tattoos for Valentine

Toasting love with a glass of champagne the fun scanned wrist tattoo and the tiny red hart on her hand were instantly noticeable, in perfect harmony with her beautiful red nails.

When Miss S excused herself to make a powder-room pit-stop cupids arrow shot right through her boyfriend's heart when he saw her long smooth legs decorated with stick-on ‘jartelle’ bow tattoos, a playful and exciting element in her sophisticated outfit.

Sexy red garter tattoos Sexy red garter tattoos

Her meticulous styling for Valentine’s evening made the outfit timeless, sensual, romantic and daring with temporary Valentine's tattoos being the icing on the cake.

The vegetarian main course with artichoke heart and other aphrodisiac vegetables such as asparagus, truffle and tomato made the palate tremble with pleasure.

Then we have only referred to the figurative candle and cake, the literal cake and candle was a delicious and surprising end to a heartwarming dinner.

When Miss S cut open her red fruit tart she came across a small, heart shaped box containing a beautiful necklace with the initials of her and her boyfriend.

As befits a true gentleman he placed the necklace around her neck and then saw a hidden sport with a temporary tattoo, with the text ‘I love you to the moon and back

You know, I have not even told you of all the other spots where her boyfriend found sensual hearts, kisses, cupids and love one-liners.

For these Miss S wisely placed her forefinger on her red lips and softly said shhht.

Sexy garter with pistol temporary Valentine’s tattoo

Love Rain & Paris temporary tattoos for Valentine’s Day

Bow tattoo on foot for Valentine’s Day

Barcode Heart tattoo

Love & <3, Miss K


Temporary tattoos used for Valentine’s photo shoot

* Simply Irresistible, Skyn Demure Tattoos

* Totally Retro pistol, Skyn Demure Tattoos

* Kissing lips tattoo

* I love you to the moon and back tattoo

* Love rain tattoo

* Paris tattoo

* Barcode Heart tattoo

Other typical Valentine’s tattoos (selection)

Infinity Love tattoo, Amy Winehouse love heart tattoo, Drawn Heart tattoo, Red heart pastie tattoo, Ta.ta.toos kiss me tattoo, Cupido tattoo, Hearts armband tattoo , Key & Key Hole tattoo

A-ha‘s by Miss K

*red, pink, combined with black and/or gold creates a typical Valentine’s look, don’t create a coloring book, carnival is still coming

*on your most sexy spots, place something subtle, funny and / or sexy like the 'Kiss Here' tattoo

*if you are using red lip kisses paint your own lips red, this enhances the sensual effect

(model Sarie Verheughe)

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