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TATTOONIE, Changing Tattoo Rules!

Tattoonie, Changing Temporary Tattoo Rules!

Do you remember the pasted tattoos which you could find in bags of crisps and sweets as a child? They are the basis of ‘Tattoonie’, one of the leading brands in temporary tattoos. The brand was founded by Enric Alepuz, Tristan Esparza & Paula Duart, three friends from Benifayork ( close to Valencia). In a nostalgic mood they recalled the stick-on tattoos from their childhood: how cool they felt wearing them and how they could imagine that they were, for a moment, someone else. At the same time these creative people realized that these old tattoos were not really up very good. Poor subjects and a dreadful quality. They thought, that could be done a lot better. And so Tattoonie came to be!

Tattoonie Team

Their mission: introducing attractive and nicely crafted designs to the world of temporary tattoos. Moreover, they wanted to add temporary tattoos to clothes, jewelry and makeup, as a form of personal expression. The 'idols' of Tattoonie Today Tattoonie is not a stranger in the sector any more. The founders work for each collection (the "Rounds") along with a range of graphic designers, whom they call their "idols". They were personally selected by the trio to be part of the Tattoonie team. These include among others Conrad Roset, Ricardo Cavolo, the comic duo Veng Nuns and illustrator Miguel Noguera. This is what makes Tattoonie so special. Each collection is completely different because each time, it comes from the creative minds of different designers. The collection Tattoonie has something for everyone, whether you're looking for a bold, playful, cute or funny tattoo. You can find the entire collection at www.tattooniedesign.com. A small selection:

Tattoonie snow flake tattoo Tattoonie anchor tattooTattoonie Suerte temporary tattooLobster Tattoonie Temporary TattooDuke Lion Tattoonie (temporary tattoo)

A personal touch Do you really want to be completely unique? No problem! Tattoonie thought of that as well. You can send your own design or ask the designers of Tattoonie to design something that completely matches your personal style.


These ultra personalized tattoos offer even more possibilities. What do you think about a personal tattoo on your birthday or wedding anniversary? Bet that your guests will not forget this special touch for some time ? Companies can also make a temporary tattoo with their logo or brand and add it to conference folders and invitations. At festivals and concerts tattoos can also be distributed to promote Bands and DJ's . The possibilities are infinite !

Tattoos without worries
The premium Tattoonie temporary tattoos are safe for everyone who wears them. They are printed with soy-based inks and are non-toxic. Each tattoo is in compliance with current international regulations and like all tattoos on tattooforaweek.com these prints also meet the FDA-label in safety standards for cosmetics and toys. The tattoos are also not harmful for your skin and can be quickly removed without damaging the skin.

Temporary tattoos?
The tattoos from Tattoonie start to fade after some three days, depending on friction. But do not worry! The collection is so vast that you will find a replacement immediately !

Placing an order?
All designs are available online (both in www.tattooniedesign.com, as well as on www.tattooforaweek.com). For only €2.19/£1.79 you already have a tattoo from Tattoonie. Furthermore, there are also a number of 'packs' obtainable (10€ / £7.79) : a package of tattoos with the same theme. You have a black pack (what's in a name?), A candy pack (tattoos in bright, cheerful candy colors), a summer pack (to dream of summer to come ) and a supra-pack (a bit of everything).

Tattoonie Temporary Tattoo Pack

Whoever places an order via TattooForAWeek.com only pays 1 euro for shipping, or nothing at all for orders above 15€ / £15. In Tattoonie you're sure to find what you are looking for! And if not, just go ahead and make your own design See you soon! Charlotte

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