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Tribal Butterfly Tattoo Meanings

Tribal butterfly tattoo meanings

Out of all the creatures in this world, butterflies occupy a special place in the mind of humans due to their beauty and grace. The multitude of colors and patterns, as well as the shape of their wings have been sources of inspiration for many artists in painting, drawing, photography and also in tattoo art.

There are so many possible butterfly tattoo designs, that it’s really hard to pick the ideal one, so we thought it would be a great idea to spend some time on tribal butterfly tattoos and their meanings.

The tribal butterfly tattoos have some specific characteristics that differentiates them from other butterfly tattoos: their contour is made of black lines, twisted and curved in the tribal style of the Maori tattoos, their design is a flat one, minimalistic and not realistic and they are often accompanied by additional tribal motifs alongside the butterfly.

The most common color of the tribal butterfly tattoos is black, but there are also people doing them in red ink or in a combination of the two.
It seems that butterflies have been symbolical creatures for a long time, so the beginnings of their representation as tattoos took place long ago, in the New Zealand and Polynesia tribes who were performing tattoos as their common rituals. Their meaning can be varied according to each person, but usually butterflies represent grace, beauty, rebirth, freedom and good luck.

Girls are more inclined to get butterfly tattoos because of their femininity, but tribal butterfly tattoos in particular are appealing to the masculine side also, because of their tribal design.

If you are thinking about getting a butterfly tattoo and don’t know where to place it on your body, you should know that the most common places are the shoulders, the abdomen and the back. Some people get them on their neck or their ribs also.

Getting a permanent tattoo might be a difficult decision to take, so if you are into a tribal butterfly design and you’re not very sure that you will forever be happy with it being on your skin, you can try some tribal temporary designs first to see how they look on you!

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