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Ode to music: festival tattoos

music festival stage pic

Chugging because of the heat, dancing in the rain, sweating in tents that are too small and of course... getting completely carried away by the music of your favorite bands. Anyone, who ever went to a festival, knows that this is pretty much the essence. A music festival is much more than just music. It is coming together with like-minded people, taking a break from your daily grind, but also... to see and be seen. Make no mistake, the casual or bohemian look of some festivalgoers is actually well considered. Many visitors of the festival customize their look to honor their idols: t-shirts, hats, accessories... you’ll see all kinds of rock bands. Tattoos, whether they are temporary or not, are a perfect addition.

Festival Tattoos

Festivals can become very important over time in one's life. A tattoo is the perfect way to think of those beautiful festival moments throughout the year.

graspop tattoo - music festival tattoos

This Dutch metal fan has the time of his life at the Graspop Metal Meeting every year. For him, reason enough to immortalize the festival on his body. Beware, don’t expect anything back. In 2013, a Belgian fan put a giant Graspop-tattoo on his chest, assuming he would be allowed to go inside for free. Unfortunately, this failed, and the man had to walk away disappointed.

coachella tattoo - music festival tattoos Coachella tattoo - music festival tattoo

Also Coachella, a six-day annual music festival in California, for many people equals several days of enjoying music. The tattoos with the typical palm trees have become a hit.

pinkpop tattoo - music festival tattoos

The Pinkpop Festival in the Netherlands has a very cute logo, making the tattoo version especially appeals to women.

Fan tattoos

We have lost count of the number of people that get a tattoo of their favorite artist or band. These music tattoos range from band logos to lyrics of favorite songs.

The logo of The Rolling Stones is one of the top favorites:

tattoo the rolling stones - music festival tattoos

Or this one of Jim Morrison of The Doors:

jim morisson tattoo - the doors - music festival tattoos

'Dark Side of the Moon' by Pink Floyd remains a top contender:

tattoo dark side of the moon pink floyd

Or for people who can’t choose:

ACDC led zeppelin nirvana tattoo - music festival tattoos

For the person that loves profound lyrics, can make use of this quote from "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen:

tattoo Hallelujah Leonard Cohen - music festival tattoos

Temporary tattoos

Do you also want a tattoo of your favorite band, but don’t want it to be forever? There are plenty of temporary tattoos available. For example, in the online store of Tattoo For A Week:

jim-morrison-temporary-tattoo - music festival tattoos

Jim Morrison

linkin_park_flame_tattoo - music festival tattoos

Linkin Park

Or via Amazon:

the rolling stones temporary tattoo - music festgival tattoos

Or design one yourself! Have a look here.

The bohemian festivalgoer

music festival bohemian tattoos

The bohemian look has already been a hit for years at music festivals such as Rock Werchter, Coachella and Glastonbury. It builds on the first big music festivals in the 60s, with Woodstock being the biggest. Therefore it is not surprising that one can find many hippie elements in the bohemian look.

As you could read earlier on our blog (here and here), the gold temporary tattoos are a huge trend, and these tattoos fit perfectly with the bohemian look! Be inspired by the pictures below:

music festival bohemian back tattoo music festival bohemian bracelet tattoos bohemian girl - music festival tattoos

Never miss another gig!

music festival schedule tattoo - Sarah Lawrence

Who now and then visits a festival, has certainly been through this. On arrival you did get a copy of the festival program put into your hands, but usually there is not much left of it after one day at the festival. It is completely torn or wet from the rain, or, let's face it, you just plain lost it.

Sarah Lawrence, a graphic designer from the US, came up with a super convenient solution: just create a temporary tattoo of the program! This way you will be everywhere on time and you don’t run the risk of missing your favorite band. You can agree with your friends that each person takes care of one day (but don’t lose your friends ;-) ).

Make it an unforgettable festival summer!

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