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Are tattoos dangerous?

tattooed girl - are tattoos dangerous?Tattoos have been around for centuries to decorate the body, accentuate certain powers, or convey a special meaning. Even though techniques may have changed over time, tattoos continue to remain incredibly popular. More and more people visit tattoo parlors - even people who are not necessarily 'rough' or 'artistic' by nature. Top rated TV shows such as "LA Ink" featuring tattoo artist Kat Von D has further contributed to their popularity.

This in itself is not necessarily a drawback. On the contrary, the more people who want tattoos, the more tattoo art can develop and evolve. However, this does not mean that you should go about getting a tattoo impulsively. Keep in mind that tattoos are (almost) permanent and not completely without risk. Tattoos dangerous?

tattoo needle - are tattoos dangerous?

Anyone who has had a tattoo done, that is to say in a quality tattoo parlor, has certainly been exposed to possible risks: allergies and sensitive skin can cause the skin to react badly to the ink. However, these effects are usually of short duration and many people seem to accept it as part of the deal. But are there also long-term effects? Dr. Andreas Luch of the German Institute for Risk Assessment in Berlin, believes that people should be cautious. According to Luch, it is not clear what happens to the ink that you inject under your skin, but we may assume that the ink spreads into the bloodstream and organs. Tattoo ink mainly consists of organic substances, but also from preservatives and contaminated particles such as nickel, arsenic and lead, which then ends up in your body. A study in Switzerland showed that preservatives that are banned for use in cosmetics were found in no less than 14% of tested ink samples! Luch does not want to be an alarmist, but asks people to think carefully before getting a tattoo (read the full article here).

tattoo parlor - tattoo shop

Have you set your heart on a tattoo? Then keep the following in mind:

  • Don’t just go to any tattoo shop. Do some research and check with friends or family which tattoo parlor they’ve had good experiences with. Think of a tattoo as a medical procedure. The tattoo parlor should be as clean as the practice of a doctor or dentist.

  • Ask if you may see the material that will be used for your tattoo. The needles must be new, sterilized, and individually wrapped. Ink should only come from small ink jars for single use. Everything that touches your skin should not be reused. The tattoo artist should wear gloves.

  • Any possible contamination should be avoided. The worktable of the tattoo artist should therefore be free of personal items such as mobile phones.

Temporary tattoos

temporary tattoos - are tattoos dangerous?

The popularity of temporary tattoos have been growing steadily for several years. Gold and silver tattoos have especially been a big hit this summer, simply because they look so great against bronzed skin. Or how about Halloween or carnival tattoos? For people who enjoy variety, temporary tattoos are the perfect alternative, and they’re available in all shapes and sizes. With temporary tattoos, you obviously don’t have to be afraid of contaminated needles, bacterial infections, or unpleasant reactions to the ink. But even here you have to be careful. There are low quality tattoos on the market that can cause skin irritation. Always be sure to buy your temporary tattoos from reliable sellers such as Tattoo For A Week.

All of the tattoos we offer are safe (also for children) and non-toxic. They only contain dyes that have been approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration of the USA) and were made without black henna or PPD. We only sell products that comply with the strictest American, European and international regulations. Our tattoos aim to bring a little fun into your life - without worry!

No matter what you choose, whether alternating with temporary tattoos or opting for “the real deal”, keep it safe and enjoy your tattoos!

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