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8 Amazing Tattoo Cover-Ups - Before & After

1. Nature Always Prevails

From red devil baby to awesome scorpion. This shows what a little imagination from a skillful tattoo artist can do. The next time you think about letting your next door neighbor practice his skills on your leg, think again.

via www.inkatattoos.co.uk

2. Blast From The Past

Check out this gnarly T-rex tattoo. It's always good to know that once you grow out of that mermaid and stars phase you can upgrade to something a little more age appropriate. Like a...book readying dinosaur!?

via www.lastsparrowtattoo.com

3. Holy Hawk

Jesus did a lot of things...including turning into a hawk. This cover-up used creative shading and a real eye for space management to transform a not so good tattoo into something truly amazing.

via horifudo.blogspot.com

4. Tribal Tattoos Use To Be Cool

Or at least this person seems to think so. Probably a cover up that a lot of people can relate to. A some what plain tribal tattoo is transformed into a beautiful work of art. Great example for those heavy toned cover up jobs.

via jimsylvia.com

5. Sorry George

From boyfriend to distant memory. Probably one of the more common cover up jobs. When things just don't work out the last thing you want is a constant reminder every time you look in the mirror. Flowers make everything better.

via tattoomagz.com

6. Evolving Gypsy Skull

It goes to show you what a little planning or lack there of can do to the creative process. This well thought out gypsy skull design gives the owner what he was probably looking for in the first place. Think before you ink.


7. Big Black Bird

Not all tattoos have to be covered up completely. This black bird transformation shows us that a little leftover ink can add detail and dimension to the new design.


via hautedraws.wordpress.com

8. And Then There Were Two

Dolphins are among the most popular tattoos with women. Especially when they're good. So if that spring break dolphin tattoo you got in college is in need of a facelift, look to this colorful adaption for inspiration.


via infinitetattoos.wordpress.com

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