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Spring is here, and it’s time to show off your tattoos!

Colored flower tattoo on female

Spring has finally come these past few weeks now, and summer is right around the corner! This is the perfect time to get some new temporary tattoos. With the nice weather, we no longer need to hide under heaps of clothing, and we can finally show off our tattoos. Temporary tattoos have become trendier and trendier with time. You can wear them as a fashion accessory, like a piece of jewelry for your skin. Many people still haven’t splurged on a real tattoo, so the temporary tattoos in our shop are a great alternative for them.
Moon and sun in rainbow colors

You can change them whenever you want since they don’t cost much, so you can now match them to what you’re wearing or how you’re feeling! They’re also perfect to finish up a look to wear to a festival.
Female wearing temporary hair tattoo

If you’re looking for a touch of uniqueness, you can even choose hair tattoos. They can replace a barrette or headband and give an original touch to your hairstyles full of sparkling color. They can be removed very easily by just running a fine-toothed comb through your hair!
Flower Hair tattoo female

Red flower hair tattoo

Jewelry tattoos also let you decorate your summer tan so you’ll be stunning on the beach this summer! They can be applied in just a few seconds, with gorgeous, long-lasting results.
Silver flower pattern tattoo

Female silver jewelry tattoos

On the website, you’ll find tattoos for any taste, from the most discreet styles to the colorful and impressive ones. Whether you like the foil or holographic trends, or even black and white styles, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. All the tattoos available are high-quality, and some are even amazingly realistic.
Traditional flamingo tattoo on pink haired girl

To find the temporary tattoos used in this article, just click the pictures. You can also browse all tattoos in our shop and find the perfect design! *All makeup by Jenni from the blog Jenni dans tous ses états .

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