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Ten Best Tattoos of Amy Winehouse

Best tattoos of Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse was a very successful singer and songwriter who had a short career, but at the same time intense and rewarding. She won five Grammy awards for her 2006 album Back to Black, which brought her a record as a female vocalist.

She lived for 27 intense years, with alcohol and drug addictions, fears and emotions expressed through her songs and through the tattoos on her body.

Her fans and the people who loved her knew about her tattoos and how much they meant for her, so we made a list with her best and most loved ten tattoos, in Amy’s memory.

1.    “Hello Sailor” anchor

Hello Sailor Tattoo  Amy Winehouse

One classical tattoo that Any has on her belly is a quite large anchor with a rope and the words “Hello Sailor” above and below it. The anchor is a very popular tattoo, being very common for sailors who wanted to show their love of the sea but at the same time the desire to return home. The “Hello sailor!” in Amy’s tattoo shows maybe a flirtatious desire, sailors being known as powerful handsome men.

2.    Native American feather

Amy Winehouse Feather Tattoo

Another very popular tattoo in America, this simple eagle feather was the first tattoo Amy ever got, located on her left forearm. In the Native American culture, the feather is a symbol of bravery and protection.

3.    Twin hearts

Amy Winehouse twin hearts tattoo

Two small red hearts with black outlines in random positions on her right shoulder are thought to symbolize the love for her grandmother Cynthia, as they are placed exactly next to the tattoo dedicated to her.

4.    Daddy’s horseshoe

Amy Winehouse Daddy hosrseshoe tattoo

Having a very strong relationship with her father, who was also her manager, Amy tattooed the lucky symbol of the horse shoe on her left arm, along with “Daddy’s” written above it. Maybe this showed that she was her father’s luck charm.

Together with the Girl tattoo it expresses that she was Papa’s girl.

5.    Lightning bolt

Amy Winehouse lightning tattoo

As she considered it one of the most powerful natural disasters and found its power fascinating, Amy got a small lightning bolt tattoo on the inside of her right wrist.

6.    Nightingale

Amy Winehouse nightingale fake tattoo

A very representative tattoo for Amy Winehouse is a colorful nightingale that sings and has the words “Never clip my wings” written as a part of its design. Amy was a rebel, a tormented child who wouldn’t follow rules and her only refuge was music. Through this nightingale and the message associated with the tattoo, Amy showed her idea of freedom through music.

7.    Blake’s pocket

Amy Winehouses Blakes tattoo

Blake was Amy’s husband and she got this tattoo of a pocket and his name above it when they were at the peak of their relationship. Unfortunately their marriage failed and she got the tattoo removed.

8.    Naked girl

Amy Winehouse naked girl tattoo

Amy had a tattoo of a beautiful girl’s torso with naked breasts on her left upper arm. She got the tattoo as an expression of femininity, but it ended up being censored at the Grammy awards ceremony, when Amy was asked to cover it. She decided to draw bra straps on it as a solution.

Together with the Daddy’s tattoo, this tattoo expresses that Amy was papa’s girl.

9.    Cynthia

Amy Winehouwe Cynthia (grand mother) tattoo

On her right arm Amy had a tattoo of a girl in the pinup style, a young beautiful woman who was her grandmother as a teenager. Her name, “Cynthia” was written next to the tattoo.

10.    Girl with fan

Amy Winehouse girl with fan tattoo

The singer was clearly passionate about ideals of women beauty, as she had many tattoos of beautiful women on her body. On her right arm, below the Cynthia tattoo, Amy also got at some point a naked girl covered by a colorful fan.

These were just a few of Amy Winehouse’s tattoos, to get you inspired if you feel like getting a new tattoo and to remind you of her powerful voice and passionate music please check our full collection here.

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Feather Tattoos – Meanings and Design

Feather tattoos and their meanings

Feather tattoos come in very different styles, colors and with different accessories, depending on the preferences of each person. Their most common meaning relates to the Native American tribes and their traditions, showing that the person wearing one such feather tattoo has Native American roots or a deep respect for their culture.  View here our feather temporary tattoos!

Amy Winehouse Feather Tattoo

Native American peoples have a big respect for birds and their feathers and wear them as accessories in different combinations either on their clothes or hair, either as jewelry or even weapons. Feathers were also part of the celebration garments that Native American chiefs used to wear in different ceremonies. The symbol attributed to the feather is the connection to the spiritual dimension and also it is also used to represent the power of the gods, wind and air.

The most common type of feather used in tattoos is the eagle feather and this is because the Native Americans had great respect for this bird. Feathers were given to warriors if they were courageous, they were also used in ceremonials and they were associated with people who had died and passed into the other life.

However, not only the Native Americans used the feather as a symbol, but also other cultures. In ancient Christianity the feather symbolized virtue but also a trilogy of hope, faith and charity. The Celts also had feathers in their culture, being used on the clothes of Druids in sacred ceremonies, while the Egyptians associated feathers with gods in the sky.

Dream catcher with feathers tattoo

One common popular culture understanding of a feather tattoo nowadays is that they represent dreams, which comes of course from the association with the dream catcher. White feathers can represent innocence and a rebirth from a spiritual point of view while red feathers are about love and passion.

Strepik Feather temporary tattoo

People usually choose to tattoo one feather but there are some who have two or three, with no specific difference in meaning. The most common bird feathers come from eagles, peacocks, ostriches or swallows. Peacock feathers can be really beautifully colored and so many people choose to tattoo them just for their beauty, without caring for a specific symbol.

Thinking about all these birds, it can become clear how natural the association with the word “freedom” comes to mind, so feather tattoos can also lead to the idea of freedom and from this onward to each person’s spiritual beliefs.

Feather tattoo

Regarding the location of the feather tattoo on your body, it’s a very versatile tattoo and can be placed absolutely anywhere: on your arms, back, belly, leg, foot, neck and so on. You can choose your desired dimension and design and of course, the type of feather you want to have.

So, if you are passionate about your dreams of if you love the idea of freedom and rebirth, you should get a feather tattoo and maybe start from a temporary one to see how it looks on you. After that you can decide if getting a permanent feather tattoo is what you really want.

Order your feather temporary tattoos here! 


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Halloween with Tinsley Transfers


Halloween is fast approaching! It is the time of the year that I love as a makeup artist and horror fan.

I like to see that all the monsters are out! If you do not know how to apply makeup or slightly do, don’t worry, the temporary tattoo is there to help you. With the help of tattooing, you can have a mind-blowing disguise in the blink of an eye.

On Tattoo for a week , you can find a great number of tattoos that perfectly matches the disguise that you have chosen.

In this article I will tell you more about the In this article I will tell you more about the Tinsley Transfers brand of which I have been a fan for many years. I had the opportunity to test many of their products and I have never been disappointed.

DSCN5955 Trauma Serie Diseased

Christien Tinsley, famous film and TV make-up artist created the brand several years ago to offer the general public with quality tattoo / disguise products. Over time, the range has expanded with 3D Transfers and false teeth to create more real-life monsters.

For Halloween, we find a wide variety like Gorywood tattoo boards that include a whole range of small tattoos on a specific theme. Then we find the range Trauma serie, they are bigger realistic tattoos and they exist in different themes as well.

Here, I made two makeup with the Trauma range, they represent the models ” Stapled and Stiched ” and ” Diseased ” .

DSCN6574 Trauma Serie Stapled and Stitched

dis3 Trauma Serie Diseased


They are very easy to put on and can be placed as you wish. In general, you will still need to add some makeup for a complete look but even with something minimalist like darkening the eyes or hollowing the cheeks, you will get a nice result.

Then we have my favorite range which is the 3D transfers ! In short, they are tattoos too, they are placed exactly like any tattoo but look like prostheses due to their 3D effect. You can find many tutorials on YouTube on how to put them on. I made a Frankenstein inspired makeup with the  ” Staplestein ” 3D tattoo to show you.

franken Tinsley 3D Staplestein

DSCN7376 Tinsley 3D Staplestein



To sum up Tinsley tattoos, the series altogether, are of excellent quality and really adds up if you want to disguise for Halloween!


DSCN6578 Trauma Serie Stapled And Stitched

* All makeup featured in this article was created by Jenni from the blog “Jenni dans tous ses états.” She is a self-taught artist who is passionate about artistic makeup and character-creation.