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White lace tattoos

white lace temporary tattoo wedding dressTemporary tattoos are hotter than hot! More and more people see tattoos as full accessories. No wonder the temporary tattoo market is therefore in full swing. The latest trend in the world of temporary tattoos are the white lace tattoos. The name says it all: they are tattoos that give the illusion of delicate white lace on your skin

White lace tattoos

The white lace tattoos are super feminine and give an elegant touch to your outfit. Due to the fact that they are white, they also really go with everything, including your wedding dress! There is something for everyone, from more modern white lace tattoos to designs that are inspired by the famous henna tattoos.

What do you think of this dream catcher, for example? This by the way also looks great as a back tattoo!

white lace dreamcatcher tattoo

Or these white lace henna bracelet tattoos?

white lace bracelets tattoo

Looking for a great tattoo to surprise your partner on Valentine's day? Then choose white lace tattoos in the shape of hearts and wings. Together with the appropriate lingerie it will definitely be a success!

white lace hearts and wings tattoo

For those completely bowled over by tattoos in henna style, the white lace tattoos are a good alternative for if you want them quickly or if you don’t feel like a dark and sometimes heavy-looking tattoo. The typical elephants are also in the range, for example.

white lace elephant tattoo

Tattoo For A Week currently offers no less than twelve different ‘sheets’. Each sheet contains several tattoos, grouped within a particular style. You can therefore choose variations to your hearts content. However, the sheets also mutually go together. For instance, the dream catcher tattoo is a modern design that can be combined perfectly with the ‘white lace mandala henna tattoo’ and ‘white lace fashion beans tattoos’:

white lace fashion beans tattoo white lace henna mandala tattoo

Something for you?

Have a look here for the complete Tattoo For A Week range. Like all our products the white lace tattoos are safe and anti-allergenic. Or check out our new YouTube video about this new trend:

White ink tattoos

Are the white lace tattoos really quite your thing? Maybe you could go a step further and have a permanent white ink tattoo done? These are also real trendy. White ink tattoos are much more subtle than the colored or black options, and (for the time being) much more unique and original. White ink is thicker than other tattoo inks and is injected under the skin. Therefore such a tattoo can sometimes look like a (nice contoured) scar.

Please note: white ink tattoos require much more follow-up care than traditional tattoos and you also run the risk that they will fade over time through sunlight. Additionally, people with dark skin should not opt for these tattoos.

What do you think of these white ink tattoos?

white ink anchor tattoo white ink henna tattoo white ink tattoo flowers

Fan of lace?

Are you a fan of the lace finishing of white lace tattoos, but think they could be a touch more noticeable or darker? Then there are many more possibilities of course, both in the temporary tattoos as well as real tattoos ranges.

Earlier we already wrote about the Stargazer Sexy Eyes tattoos for example, nice temporary eye tattoos with a lace finishing (read the blog article here):

stargazer sexy eye tattoo

Skyn Demure also has a number of temporary tattoos in the range that look like lace. This lace garter, for example, super sexy!

skyn demure lace temporary tattoo

In the real tattoo world tattoos with a lace ‘look’ have long been among the favourites among women’s tattoos. Even if they are very large, they remain delicate and often sensual:

back lace tattoo lace leg tattoo bow lace tattoo

It is clear that lace is here to stay, both for temporary and for real tattoos. It is the perfect choice for those who want to be sexy, but classy at the same time!

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