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Violent Lips: Crazy sexy cool

Party in style Can you hear the weekend calling? Time to get down and hang loose. You know you've got it, so flaunt it. But always in style: never leave the house without your Violent Lips. For the picture perfect party, emphasize your beautiful lips with these temporary tattoos. Just put on your Violent lips. Violent Lips lip tattoos Violent what? Vio-lent-Lips! So these are temporary prints for your lips. A wonderful idea and incredibly practical, because, unlike normal lipstick, Violent Lips stay perfect all night. Which means you can relax - dancing, drinking, even kissing your boyfriend ... no problem! Your lip tattoo will stay in place. Perfection is finally in your hands! And the celebs have discovered it too … Lady Gaga Violent Lips Red hot prints The biggest advantage of Violent Lips? The wild designs. They're impossible to imitate using normal lipstick. Take your pick from "Polka Dot", "Leopard" or "Glitter Prints", mixed and matched with any outfit. The possibilities are limitless, the results always fabulous. All eyes on you, that's for sure! Violent Lips Animal instinct Looking for a wild, animal look? Violent Lips offers you the "Animal Prints" collection. Go for the mysterious look with "The Snake" or be dangerous with "The Cheetah". Even giraffe, zebra and tiger prints are available. Violent lips with animal prints Sexy class Prefer the classics? No problem. For a classic lip color that lasts all night, take your pick from "The Classics Collection". Whether it's "The Pinks, The Purples or The Reds", you get three different shades of each color twice. Not to mention a very comfortable price ... Mmmmm! FIFA crazy Violent Lips are for everyone. From "The Union Jack" to "The Brazilian Flag", the "Patriotic" collection offers you almost every flag in the world. Kick off the FIFA World Cup in 2014! And let your lips help your favorite team to victory. Violent Lips lip tattoos countries Voor alle gelegenheden As wild as your imagination, Violent Lips has it all for you. Examples? Breaking the news of your pregnancy, or sending a special message for your Valentine – we have a temporary lip tattoo for any occasion or holiday. Visit the Violent Lips website, or even quicker, order now on Tattoo For A Week! Violent Lips in all colors and shapes Easy to apply When does the party start? Make-up! You and your girlfriends love to get into the mood while getting ready. Luckily your temporary lip tattoos are easy too apply. Do it yourself, or for each other, either way it's as easy as 1-2-3: just look at our comprehensive online tutorial. Watch and learn! US-based company with a mission Violent Lips come from the USA. The company considers it a point of honor to deliver an authentic, quality product to you. Temporary lip tattoos are tested before they come onto the market. But not on animals, on models! Violent Lips are environmentally conscious, and even registered with the FDA. The what? The FDA is an American government standard that guarantees you a healthy and safe product. What's more, the lip tattoos are enriched with vitamins, instantly providing care for your lips. What are you waiting for? Go pick your favorite now on Tattooforaweek.com.

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