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Top 15 holographic tattoos

Tattoonie holographic tattoos

Holographic tattoos are temporary tattoos with a rainbow-coloured, iridescent effect. Depending on the light, they change colour. This makes them somewhat more special than the other foil tattoos. The holographic tattoos are playful, young and perfect for a party. Temporary tattoo brands, such Tattoonie, Montattoo and Tattify, have created the most varied designs.

Below are our top 15 holographic tattoos!

1. Holographic butterfly tattoo

Butterfly holographic tattoo by Tattoonie

2. Holographic alien tattoo

Alien holographic tattoo by Tattoonie

3. Holographic 'no good' tattoo

holografische no good tattoo

4. Holographic scales tattoo

Scales holographic tattoo by Tattoonie

5. Holographic star tattoo

Stars holographic tattoo by Tattoonie 2

6. Holographic lightning tattoo

lightning holographic tattoo by Tattoonie

7. Holographic 'Rock On' tattoo

Rock on holographic tattoo by Montattoo

8. Holographic skull tattoo

Skull holographic tattoo by Tattoonie

9. Holographic Chinese tattoo

Chinese signs holographic tattoo by Tattoonie

10. Holographic dotwork tattoo

Dots holographic tattoo by Montattoo

11. Holographic pineapple tattoo

Pineaple holographic tattoo by Tattoonie

12. Holographic Diamond Tattoo

Diamond holographic tattoo by Montattoo

13. Holographic 'bad girl' tattoo

holografische bad girl tattoo

14. Holographic smiley tattoo

smily holographic tattoo by Tantoonie

15. Holographic twerk tattoo

holographic twerk tattoo by tattoonie

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