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Temporary Tattoos - Why You Should 'Try Before You Buy'

Temporary tattoos are great fun. They’re an excellent way to play around with designs and customize your skin without having to worry about the consequences. However, they can also be great if you’re thinking of getting something more permanent inscribed upon your body. Temporary tattoos can help you to accustom yourself to the idea of a permanent tattoo, and may help you not to make rash decisions.

Thinking Time

Often the urge to get a tattoo can become something of an obsession – you simply have to see that design on your skin, hang the consequences! This impulse can lead you to rush out and get inked without doing your research properly first. This can be dangerous. Some people offer tattooing services without having the proper, hygienically sterilized equipment or safe conditions necessary to ink someone.

Ilegal tattoo business An unregistered tattooist who was putting the health of the public at risk by working illegally from her North Shields home has had equipment seized and a stop put to her work (source chroniclelive.co.uk)

As a permanent tattoo involves penetrating the skin with needles, it is extremely important to make sure that you are not so desperate for your new tattoo that you rush rashly to the first person who comes along to ink you on the cheap. Serious infection can be caused by improper tattoo procedures.

Tattoo infections

Getting a temporary tattoo will help you to partially assuage your desire for designer skin – at least until you’ve had time to properly research the more permanent options out there, and make sure that the tattooist adheres to the correct health and safety protocols.

Preventing Rash Decisions

At the risk of sounding like your mother, there is, of course, a very real chance that the tattoo design you fall in love with today might not incur quite the same feelings in you twenty years down the line. According to a survey done by the to the BBC, almost a third of tattooed individuals regretted the inkings of their youth. People who got tattoos of bands like The Spice Girls when they still were popular, frequently regret their decision once the feverish adulation of fandom has died down.

Spice Girls tattoo When fandom goes down, regrets may come...

Tattoos can, of course, be removed by laser treatment - but that doesn’t come on the NHS and, depending on the size of the tattoo, the costs of it can really add up. Not to mention the fact that laser tattoo removal is an uncomfortable sensation, can take several sessions before an effect is seen, may not work with some inks, may cause scars, and can go wrong.

Laser tattoo removal Laser tattoo removal

The other option in the case of tattoo regret is to simply conceal the tattoo – but you will soon get tired of that. Far better, all in all, never to have got the tattoo in the first place. However, often at the time of the desire it is impossible to see how you will feel about a tattoo once it has been installed on your body.

Happy with temporary tattoos Happy with temporary tattoos

This is where temporary tattoos come in. With a temporary tattoo, you can effectively ‘try on’ a tattoo design, safe in the knowledge that it will wear off after a while. A great relief if it should turn out that you do not like it any more. Of course, if the temporary design makes you feel persistently great then by all means get it inked permanently – it’s your body, after all!

A Halfway Compromise

Perhaps most importantly, a temporary tattoo provides a ‘cooling off’ period between the desire for a permanent tattoo and the execution of that desire. It gives a form of ‘halfway stage’ by which you can satiate the burning wish for a design on your body without inscribing that wish permanently upon your skin. This gives you some breathing space, and time in which you can think rationally and decide whether or not this is really something you want for the rest of your live.

Try before you buy: Tattoo Test Kit Try before you buy: Tattoo Test Kit

Should you decide that you really love your temporary tat and you want it to become a permanent fixture, the time it takes for the temporary design to wear off will allow you for plenty of research into the options available for getting permanently inked. All things considered, temporary tattoos are a fantastic way of ‘trying on’ a design, or the look of an inked body part, without the commitment. It can help you to come to a well informed decision about the future of your skin – and is lots of fun into the bargain!

Till next time!

Contributed by reader, Jenni Bellfield

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