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Surprise the Easter bunny with tattooed Easter eggs

Easter bunny and the Easter eggs

Chicken with easter egg

Somewhere far away, deep in the forest where all the animals live together in harmony there is an enormous bustle the weeks before Easter. The chickens and bunnies get together and provide the annual stock of Easter eggs for all the little children who love to collect chocolate eggs at Easter.

It is indeed a quite unusual scene, bunnies and chickens cooperating so well. As you may assume, the chickens provide the eggs and the bunnies have discovered a secret way of turning the eggs into chocolate.

Easter bunny with Easter egg

Then all the bunnies’ backpacks are filled with chocolate eggs, and on the big day every Easter bunny gets a dotted out route along all the houses and gardens to hide delicious Easter eggs.

The Easter bunny hides Easter eggs in gardens

What many of you do not know is that the Easter bunny is also quite susceptible to home-made Easter decorations in the homes and gardens. We discovered this ourselves previous Easter.

Easter decorations with temporary tattoos

Last year we discovered quite a unique way to make our decorations extra pretty and original, that the Easter bunny was so surprised and happy that we even got some extra candy..

Plate with Easter decorations and Easter eggs

If I tell you that we give our Easter decorations that tad extra using temporary tattoos you may think that I am crazy.

Obviously we are a little crazy, but we are definitely not completely nuts. Okay… we did not all have Easter bunnies, chicks and colorful eggs tattooed all over ourselves,… just for Easter.

No, we ‘tattooed’ the eggs with temporary tattoos. The temporary tattoo prints that we selected obviously involved spring and Easter. Fresh flowers prints in a palette of yellow, green, and orange and colorful vibrant butterflies.

Easter eggs with temporary tattoos with typical Easter designs

Obviously there are also temporary tattoos with the typical Easter designs.

Temporary tattoos for Easter

Easy to apply

I will share the best way to go about to beautifully decorate your Easter decorations in this cool way.

Decorating Easter eggs using temporary tattoos

The first step is to make hard-boiled eggs, these are much easier to decorate. We opted for white eggs as well as colorful ones (these you can find in the store, or paint yourself).

The advantage of using white eggs is that the colorful temporary tattoos stand out beautifully. If you use colorful eggs my best advice is to use ones that are colored very lightly, like lemon orange and grass green, as these also display the print much better than a darker background.

White Easter eggs with butterflies

It works well if you place your egg on an egg-stand. Once you have chosen your temporary tattoo pattern you remove the plastic cover and press the side with the drawing against the egg using for example a moist piece of kitchen towel. Make sure that there is no water or moisture under the tattoo cover. We suggest using a dry piece of kitchen towel to press the temporary tattoo print down, in this way also getting rid of excess water. Since an egg has a somewhat convex form I suggest not using very big patterns.

Use a wet cloth to apply the temporary tattoo on the Easter egg

Easter motives or creative cheerful themes

You can choose from the traditional Easter tattoos for example those with the white Easter bunny, spring inspired designs like butterflies and flowers, the typical girlish elfish patterns,...

We have also experimented with applying tattoos on plates and egg holders, creating an original, temporary Easter dinnerware for Easter dinner. Decorating a large dish is also handy to collect all the chocolate eggs found on the hunt. Certainly if you receive a few extra. ;-)

Applying temporary tattoos to plates

Surprise the Easter bunny! If all your eggs are done you can decorate your home and garden, creating a fun Easter atmosphere for friends and animals.

Hunting Easter eggs in the garden

At the end of Easter day, when all the work is done for the chicks and bunnies they all get together and toast the success of this great day.

So… if you are having Easter dinner, allow your thoughts to wander to the place, far away, deep in the forest, where the animals enjoy their well-deserved Easter dinner.

A ladybug lands right on our decorated Easter egg!

Easter tree with eggs

Flowers and Easter eggs decorated with temporary tattoos

Breakfast with Easter Eggs

Blessed Easter,

Miss K.

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