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Rihanna’s New Hand Tattoo: New Zealand Maori Artwork with a Modern Touch!

While she was in Puerto Rico, waiting for her next performance, Rihanna decided to call her Hew York tattoo artists to make her new original New Zealand tattoo a little bit more stylish. So she got them on a plane and waited for them in Puerto Rico. They spent eleven hours to make her tattoo “pretty” so that she could perform fully satisfied. Of course that many controversies were born after this decision that Rihanna took. View here our collection of Rihanna temporary tattoos!

Her two tattoo artists, Keith McCurdy and Cally Jo say that they tried to do something in the same style as the initial Maori tattoo, but giving it a prettier, more decorative touch, and they compared it with a Henna tattoo.

After a long session that took from 7 pm until midnight, Rihanna went through quite a bit of pain for this tattoo, but she took it really well. The two artists said that it was quite difficult to draw according to the Maori pattern she had on her hand so that to blend the two styles into something that would look good. Eventually, they managed to find a solution.

Her original Ta Moko tattoo had been done on Rihanna’s hand with a chisel, a mallet and ink pigment at the Moko Ink studio in West Auckland, so it was clearly a painful experience. Modifying this tattoo can be considered an offense to the tribe.

The art of the Ta Moko tattoos has its own rules, being designed as unique for each person and related to its owner. Rihanna’s passion for tattoos and for their culture made her get this tattoo and endure all the pain caused by its method of inking.

There have been negative reactions on Twitter regarding her modification of the original design, but the New Zealand tattoo artists supported Rihanna and said that they love the way she mixes cultures and styles in tattoos.

Rihanna proudly displayed her new tattoo during her Puerto Rico concert and showed pictures with it to her fans on Twitter. We are sure that the singer will continue to add up new tattoos to her collection, so keep an eye open for what’s next.

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