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Let your “ta-tas” speak!

Ta.ta.toos bite sizeWe have known for some time that tattoos can convey a message. That message does not always have to be serious and profound. It really may be a bit naughtier, sexy, even kinky. Michelle and Jodi thought so too, two American women who got to know one another as colleagues in the sales department of a large company. Jodi is the one with the wild ideas, Michelle makes sure to deliver results. Both wanted to place something which was their own and in which you could also find their personality. After all, at work that personal touch was hard to find. Together they created “Ta.ta.toos”, temporary tattoos for on your “ta-tas”, aka your breasts (but that of course doesn’t sound as good). Their husbands served as product testers and their friends were deployed for marketing. In this way the original tattoos quickly came onto the market and they conquered bedrooms all over the world.

Ta.ta.toos for some spice and fun in the bedroom!

Whether you want to make your partner laugh, or want to convey a clear message to him/her (without wasting too many words on it), the Ta.ta.toos are your partner in crime! What do you think of these naughty messages?

Ta.ta.toos Special delivery ta.ta.toos lucky you

Or do you prefer it even bit naughtier still? Surprise your partner with a “Spank me” or “Sexy bitch”.

ta.ta.toos spank me ta.ta.toos sexy bitch

The tattoos may be temporary, but the aim is to keep lasting memories. The motto of Ta.ta.toos is therefore: “Temporary tattoos, permanent memories”.

Happy birthday!

The messages can also serve as an original greeting card. So Ta.ta.toos offers several tattoos for special occasions. You've probably never given birthday or Christmas wishes in such an original way! These tattoos let you end your partner’s birthday on a high or you can surprise him/her with a special message for your anniversary. The “Jingle bells” will also guarantee a smile after a Christmas party.

ta.ta.toos happy birthday Ta.ta.toos happy anniversary ta.ta.toos Jingle bells ta.ta.toos Santa's helper

And why not use the Ta.ta.toos to tell your partner the best news in the world. Yes, we have also provided a “I'm pregnant” tattoo! Surprise effect ensured!

ta.ta.toos Im pregnant

“Ta.ta.toos” with celebrities

The tattoos will make your love life a lot more exciting. Something that many celebrities have understood for a while. Just look at the (whether permanent or not) tattoos of female singers Eve, Shaznay (All Saints) and Katy Perry. The latter did it as a joke, by deliberately spelling Josh Groban’s name wrong.

Ta.ta.toos Eve ta.ta.toos shaznay_lewis ta.ta.toos katy perry

The tattoos of celebs are not confined to the breasts, in the last few years, we have seen a lot of “sideboob tattoos”. With the appropriate outfit they can be intriguing, without showing too much flesh. Or what about the Rihanna ‘s tattoo, just below the breasts?

Ta.ta.toos megan fox ta.ta.toos Shenae grimes Ta.ta.toos Rihanna

Something for you?

The Ta.ta.toos are of course available at TattooForAWeek. They come beautifully packaged in a small pack of two (your chosen message and the “Lucky you”-tattoo). Make sure your skin is completely clean and dry before applying the tattoo. In normal circumstances, they remain on for 5 to 7 days. You can easily remove them by using oil or a greasy cream. Your skin is immediately ready for a new one!

What is also important is: the ink which is used for the tattoo is completely waterproof. You can therefore safely swim or take long showers with it, with or without your partner.

Like all tattoos at TattooForAWeek, they meet all safety standards. So no risk! For a small pack, you pay only 9.90 euros. What are you waiting for?

See you soon!

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