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Hair tattoos: the ultimate party accessory!

silver and red hair tattoo

Temporary tattoos have become a standard accessory for many people, especially for nightlife. Recently, a new variant has come onto the market: the temporary hair tattoos. As usual, the Hollywood stars were quick to try out this novelty, but now they are also being increasingly discovered by fashionistas around the world.

Let’s party! In this way Mira, Sarie and Liesbeth went to work with the temporary hair tattoos for a night out. The perfect time to try out everything! First they had to try and choose from the extensive range. There are smaller, subtle hair tattoos such as a little feather or moon, but also elongated tattoos that you can use in a ponytail or plait. The larger, fuller tattoos look really great on an up do hairstyle or as a jewellery hairpin in your hair. Liesbeth made her long plait into a bun and finished her hair with silver and gold tattoos. The whole gives her a sophisticated look, perfect for a stylish evening party with a more formal atmosphere.

silver and gold hair tattoos

Do you prefer something more subtle? Then go for a tattoo that follows your hairline and keep your hairstyle sleek and simple.

silver and yellow hair tattoo

Sarie opted for a silver and red elongated tattoo, which made a very successful contrast with her blonde hair. Together with the side bun the tattoos made her look very alluring!

silver and red hair tattoo bun

Do you like cute details? Then use the smaller hair tattoos to add an accent here and there, such as the butterfly below.

butterfly hair tattoo

Mira also tried out some smaller tattoos that you can wear perfectly during the week.

small golden hair tattoos

The beautiful, deep colours of the hair tattoos below, all come into their own on dark hair. A low bun really also gives you an elegant and stylish look. Place the tattoo just above the bun and it looks like a luxury hairpin!

gold and pink hair tattoo red and silver hair jewelry hair tattoo

Hair Tattoos for any hair colour Whatever hair colour you have, you will be sure to find hair tattoos that let your hair completely come into its own. Tattoo For A Week offers various hair tattoo sheets. What do you think of the ‘Highlights’ hair tattoos for example? Perfect for long hair!


Do you have blonde hair? Then this tattoo sheet is definitely for you!


For girly accents, this tattoo set is best suited:


Montattoo hair tattoos Montattoo, one of the leading players in the temporary tattoo market, has also joined the trend of hair tattoos. This hair tattoo set in part of the Montattoo Golden Collection. It consists of gold and silver birds, flowers, wreaths, diamonds and hearts...

hairtattoos-sheet-gold and silver - Montattoo

And, of course, it looks ten times on your hair!

hair tattoo montattoo gold hair tattoo montattoo silver hair tattoo montattoo silver stars

Hair tattoos, how do you apply them? Mira, Sarie and Liesbeth were amazed at the ease with which the tattoos could be applied. The principle is the same as the regular temporary tattoos. You cut the desired tattoo from the sheet, remove the plastic film and push the tattoo side onto your hair. This already makes the tattoo stick a bit. By wetting the other white side you can transfer tattoo to your hair. You should make sure that your hair is clean, without any hair products and well brushed. Please read the instructions here.

hair tattoo how to

Please note that the hair tattoos are made specifically for your hair. If you are looking for beautiful, temporary tattoos for your skin, take a look at our collection of gold, silver and foil tattoos. The tattoos stay on for three days, but you can also remove them by washing your hair, using a lot of conditioner and then comb the tattoos out with a fine tooth comb. Or even better: remove her tattoos in a few seconds with the Temporary Tattoo Remover!

Get creative!

Be inspired by the hair tattoos in the video and create your own unique look!

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