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FLASH Tattoos - jewelry for the skin!

Flash Tattoos

Soon it will be time for sun worshippers to flock to the sun en masse. Summer Dresses, bikinis, sunglasses and flip flops will once again be the order of the day. But hey, what about the accessories? In summer, colorful jewelry is nice, but there’s nothing as eclectic, chic or eye-catching against tanned skin as gold. The rich glow of gold beautifully complements the deep color of the skin!

It’s your time to shine!

This summer all you fashionistas out there can flaunt your body beautiful by replacing traditional gold jewelry with fashionable Flash Tattoos! Flash Tattoos are temporary tattoos that are inspired by the trendiest modern designs in gold jewelry. These temporary tattoos radiate and shine against your skin, and with a little help from the sun you will positively glitter at your favorite beach, hottest pool party or the wildest festival this summer!

Flash Tats with gold Temporary Flash Tattoos

Flash tattoos are sexy, stylish and fun! As we all know, ordinary jewelry can be awkward when you're sunbathing. And certainly cumbersome when you go into the water. With Flash tattoos you get the look without the bother! These temporary tattoos sit on your skin beautifully in all types of weather, and by placing them strategically you can emphasize your best attributes. Flash temporary tattoosFashion Flash Tattoos

For creative people

For those who of you who want to take it one step further, Flash Tattoos can also be applied to other parts of the body. Take a look at these beautifully decorated nails:

Creative with Flash Tattoos

Blogger Rebekah Steen from the Golfishkiss, created this look by cutting up snippets of Flash Tattoos and applying them to her painted nails – just the same as you would apply it to the skin. What a great look!

And it does not have to stop there. What about brightening your celebration or cocktail party with some Flash Tattoos? Swellblog shows you how to do it.

Get creative with Flash Tattoos and glass

On the Facebook page of Flash Tattoos you can find not only the latest news, but also loads of ‘tips and tricks’ like the DIYs above. Keep an eye on it!

Temporary tattoos?

Even with exposure to sun and water, Flash Tattoos will remain beautifully intact for 4 to 6 days. However, be careful with soaps, lotions or sunscreens. These products will results in the tattoo peeling off the skin faster. So try to avoid oily substances around the tattoo area as much as possible. But, hey, if a tattoo does peel off it’s not a disaster. Each package of Flash Tattoos contains different designs, so you can simply just paste on a new one. Or even share them with your friends!

The tattoos are completely safe and comply with all international regulations. However, they are not intended to be applied around the eyes. For that we recommend Temporary Eye Tattoos.

How to…

Flash Tattoos Applied

The Flash Tattoo website clearly explains how to apply and remove Flash Tattoos. This is easily done and without any damage to your skin. To apply the tattoos only water is needed, and they can be removed with any oily lotion

And you don’t have to wait until your Flash Tattoo has lost its lustre before you change it. Some Flash Tattoo fans even like to sunbathe with them on, then removing them. This of course results in the tattoo design emerging naturally on your skin!

Where to buy?

Besides various boutiques, you can also buy all Flash Tattoos through the Flash Tattoo webshop. As you will see, they are very affordable. For example, you can buy the package below for 20 dollars:

Beach Flash Tattoos

Do you have a party or trip planned in the near future? Then don’t wait too long before ordering. Your Flash Tattoos will be sent to you on the next business day following your order. However, it may take up to 15 business days before you receive the package. A small tip: if you order a whole range at once, you avoid having to pay for shipping multiple times!

You will also find a wide selection of gold and silver tattoos gold and silver tattoos at Tattooforaweek.

Let's all shine this summer!

Till then!


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