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Feel 100% woman again with areola tattoos

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Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women. Besides the physical pain that accompanies the disease, breast cancer, and certainly the mastectomy can lead to a lot of psychological problems, ranging from less self-esteem to depression. Many women who underwent or single or a double mastectomy, feel less of a woman without their breast(s). While not all women choose a reconstruction in these cases, it appears that many women here need their self-confidence back to go through life. In case of breast reconstruction, the breast is reformed as naturally as possible by means of the body's tissue or synthetic implants. They are not distinguishable from real breasts, especially under clothing.

Nipple Reconstruction

To make the breasts look as natural as possible, patients often opt for a nipple reconstruction. Hereby a nipple is formed by creating a fold of skin. The areola is tattooed with permanent ink. However, this can be done only after the reconstructed breast has assumed its final shape and size, about 4 to 6 months after reconstruction.

Temporary areola tattoos

To overcome this rather long period, you can use the temporary areola tattoos. For women who do not opt for nipple reconstruction, or who are allergic to the ink used on a permanent areola reconstruction, the areola tattoos can offer a solution. The areola tattoos can also be applied to existing nipples. This is really convenient for women who are dissatisfied with their own nipples.

The temporary areola tattoos can really make a difference and make you sparkle as a woman (again). From the many reactions we have received from satisfied customers this shows that they can give your self-confidence a huge boost, something many women need after such a horrible time their lives.

The areola tattoos are very easy to apply with your fingers. They come in different shades (from light pink to dark brown), sizes (from small to large) and designs. As a result they suit all skin types and there is something for everybody. Below are some examples.

Light brown nipple areola tattoo


Light realistic nipple areola tattoo
Light bright tan nipple areola tattoo


Brown oval nipple areola tattoo


Dark brown nipple areola tattoo

Check out the whole range of temporary areola tattoos here. You can choose from no less than 35 different tattoos. This way you can really choose the nipple tattoo that best suits the shape and colour of your breasts. The tattoos are completely safe and anti-allergenic. They stay on for an average of two to seven days. Here you can read how to apply them.

Cosmetic temporary tattoos

It’s not just the nipple tattoos, but also the temporary eyebrow tattoos, which can give you back more self-confidence. Have too plucked too overzealously and is there not much left of your eyebrows? Or are they completely depleted due to illness, chemotherapy...? Are your brows naturally too light, too dark or too thin? Or did you colour your hair but do not want to do the same with your eyebrows? Then try our temporary eyebrow tattoos. These come in different colours and designs to fit everyone. Below are some examples:

Dark brown eyebrow tattoos with high arch


Auburn eyebrow tattoos flat arch


Light blonde eyebrow tattoo with medium arch


Grey eyebrow tattoo with medium arch

You can find the complete range here. The eyebrow tattoos remain on for one to three days. You can read how to apply them easily here. They can also be cut, for example, to supplement your own, short eyebrows with a tattoo in the same colour.

So you see, temporary tattoos are much more than just a fad. Certainly the temporary areola tattoos can be a real support for women who are going through a difficult period in their lives. Even if you do not see the tattoos, it does mean a boost to their self-confidence, with a positive mindset as result!

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