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Celebrities with Scary Face Tattoos

Celebrities with face tattoos

Getting a permanent tattoo can be a tough decision to take for some people, although many think that getting it in a place that is usually hidden by clothes can’t do any harm.

Indeed, a permanent tattoo is something that you get for life and you need to think well about its location. Some people, who are more daring than others, have decided for the extreme, to get a tattoo on their face, which is maybe the most difficult part to cover.

It’s clear that having a tattoo on your face will immediately trigger reactions of amazement and preconceived ideas in people, so if you are not sure about the career you have and you might need to get a different job at some point in the future, then you shouldn’t get a face tattoo.

It’s true that celebrities can do it, because once they are once famous, they will always be famous. Also inmates can do it if they are sentenced for life, and maybe tattoo artists can also do it because that’s their job, of course…

Here are some of the celebrities who had the guts to tattoo their faces:

Kat von D

Let’s start up with the only woman on this list, the tattoo artist, supermodel and TV celebrity Kat von D. She has lots of stars on her face, as two separate tattoos, one on her left forehead with a trail of small stars and another star on her right cheek, which matches the one of her boyfriend, Nikki Sixx.

Mike Tyson

The tribal motif on Tyson’s left side of the face might not look very classy but it was of help for him in a low moment in his life. He got it at the end of his career, when his victory rate was very low and it seems that it helped boosting his confidence, as he got a final victory against Clifford Etienne in his last official match. View here our Mike Tyson temporary tattoo.

Nikki Sixx

Of course that we can’t skip Motley Crue’s bassist Nikki Sixx, as we have mentioned his girlfriend and their sentimental tattoo. The star on his right cheek is the only tattoo Nikki has on his face, so nothing spectacular to talk about.
Lil’ Wayne

The rapper has some tattoos on his face from his time in prison: tears, a cross and the words “fear” and “God” on his eyelids. As he is currently serving more time in prison, we expect him to come out with new ones.

Gucci Mane

Another rapper and ex-inmate who has tattoos on his face is Gucci Mane. His three tears on the corner of his eye are usually representative for someone who has either lost or killed someone. It’s your choice to decide which of the two is true in his case.

Trace Cyrus

Miley’s older brother went through a crazy period when he tattooed a large part of his upper body, including his face. He has a cross and a feather under each of his eyes, looking as if they are tears. If you want to know their meaning, go ahead and ask him!

Antwuan Dixon

Professional skateboarder Antwuan Dixon has almost all his body covered with tattoos. There are so many inscriptions and drawings on his skin that nobody puts an effort in counting them and understanding their meaning anymore. The tattoos on his face make him look scary enough to play in a horror movie.

We’ll stop here with the list of celebrities tattooed on their face, hoping you took a good look at them and realized that doing something like that would probably be the worst idea you will ever have.

Better try out a temporary tattoo if you want to experiment with your appearance!

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