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All about the temptation of temporary tattoos

Temporary tattoos

Hello, all you body art passionate, and welcome to our Tattoo Temptation temporary tattoo blog! We are here to enchant you with a huge variety of temporary tattoos in classic and original designs and also with replicas of tattoos worn by various celebrities, for all the fans to get ecstatic about!

Our tattoo gallery is packed with tattoos in different dimensions, with designs from different categories: tribal tattoos, Celtic tattoos, Chinese tattoos, animal tattoos, arm tattoos, belly tattoos and many others. Before you get deeper into tattoo hunting, here are some important things you need to know about temporary tattoos and about all the goodies offered by Tattoo Temptation.

What are temporary tattoos and how can you apply them?

Temporary tattoos are simple and fast alternatives to permanent tattoos, which last for a short period, are applied differently and are made from different substances than tattoo ink. The temporary tattoos stay on the surface of your skin and not in its layers, this making them easy to be removed and eliminating any health risks.

It is very simple to apply a temporary tattoo by yourself, you just need to pick the perfect area and make sure it is clean and dry, remove the transparent layer off the tattoo and place it facing down on your skin, pressing a wet cloth on its back for around 30 seconds.

  • If you are careful not to put too much water on the cloth and to keep the tattoo still for those 30 seconds, you will have a perfectly-looking design on your skin! It will look very similar to an original tattoo and most people won’t notice the difference, so you can go brag around your friend circles and see how surprised they will be!

Temporary tattoos will last on your skin between two and eight days, but if you take good care of them and avoid washing them directly, you can enjoy them for even longer. Whenever you will decide to remove them, you can do it using a wet wipe or some cream oil and there will be no trace left of your beautiful tattoo. You needn’t be sad, you can always get a new one and apply it wherever you want, they are really cheap and easy to get!

Which are the benefits of temporary tattoos?

Temporary tattoos have plenty of benefits when comparing them to permanent tattoos and many of you will find them as a better choice than the painful inking process. Here are the best aspects of temporary tattoos, if you aren’t convinced by their practicality yet!

  • First of all, there is no pain involved in the applying process. Everybody knows that getting a permanent tattoo is a painful process with needles that insert ink under skin layers and that it takes quite long until the process is completed.

Temporary tattoos don’t know what pain is about, they are only easily applied on the surface of the skin through a fast process of damping, so you don’t need to suffer when getting a temporary tattoo.

  • Then, the health risks are also eliminated because nothing goes underneath your skin, but only on top of it.

There is no risk of getting infected by any needle or any risk of allergies to different substances, so all of you who are afraid of these possibilities will surely enjoy the safety of temporary tattoos.

  • Another advantage would be the one of cost efficiency, because to get some temporary tattoos is a lot cheaper than getting a permanent one.

Permanent tattoos can get to huge prices if they are very complex, if they employ many colors and if they are placed in difficult areas, whereas temporary tattoos are really cheap and always at hand. Of course that they don’t last long on your skin as permanent tattoos do, but you also have the advantage of changing them all the time if you decide that the current one doesn’t suit you, something that you cannot do with permanent tattoos.

What temporary tattoos can you find on TattooForAWeek?

Well, this is a tricky question, because you can find almost anything that goes through your mind on Tattoo Temptation! There is a huge collection of arm temporary tattoos which will satisfy almost any preferences, because arm tattoos are very popular nowadays. Arm band tattoos are added to this gallery and also belly tattoos for more daring persons.

You can find a wide variety of flower, animal, butterfly and creature tattoos for people who want to be in touch with nature and passionate lovers will also find ideal temporary tattoos on our web gallery if they look in the heart tattoos and valentine tattoos categories.

People who believe in astrology will find tattoos with their zodiac sign and also various star tattoo designs. Sports fans will also be satisfied with some of our temporary tattoos, if they take a look into the flag tattoos, football tattoos and Olympic tattoos categories.

Other very popular tattoo designs are the tribal tattoos, Maori tattoos and Chinese tattoos, so we have plenty of them in the assigned categories, you just need to check them out and pick your favorites.

Last, but not least, Tattoo Temptation has a huge offer of celebrity temporary tattoos, designs that VIPs such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Robbie Williams, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears have on their skin. All the fans will go crazy when they realize they have the possibility to have their body painted just the same as their favorite star!

Well, now that you know all these things you have probably already decided if you are a temporary tattoo adept and you will start looking through our gallery to see which designs appeal to you the best.

We are sure that you will fall in love with some temporary designs and that they will bring you a few moments of satisfaction, so we thank you in advance and we are looking forward to receiving feedback and photos with your tattoos!

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