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Tattoo Stencils

Adhesive tattoo stencils suitable for use with temporary tattoo pens, henna paste, tattoo spray or airbrush.

* Please note that these are Tattoo Stencils and NOT temporary transfer tattoos (like the other temporary tattoos on our website)!

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Tattoo Templates

Looking for tattoo stencils for tattoo spray, airbrush or henna? At Tattooforaweek you will find the most beautiful self-adhesive tattoo stencils, also called tattoo stencils, suitable for use with temporary tattoo pens and markers, spray tattoo, henna paste or airbrush. With a tattoo stencil you have several possibilities. Use tattoo spray for your temporary tattoo or henna. Henna remains on the skin longer than tattoo spray.

Airbrush tattoo templates

For most airbrushers, airbrush templates and airbrush stencils are a must-have. Tattoo stencils are reusable. How do you use the airbrush tattoo stencils? Carefully pull the tattoo stencil loose from the bottom sheet and place the stencil on the clean, dry skin, press firmly so that there is no air in between. Shake the spray can and spray on the skin with short bursts, no longer than 2 seconds. Keep the spray can at a minimum distance of 10 cm. For more detailed information, please see our page with detailed instructions for use.