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3D FX Transfers "Devil Horns "

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Tinsley Transfers redesigned these ever-popular large Devil Horns to give you more control over the application of your horns. In addition to the flesh wounds, now you get to insert the beautiful, bone white, textured horns. You will also receive the innovative sticky "StickUm Blood™" blood to secure your horns into your flesh wounds. Makeup FX fun doesn't get any better than this!
3D FX Transfers, the revolutionary new prosthetic. This technology garnered Tinsley Transfers an Academy Award for Technical Achievement. Easy to apply, self blending, no need for any glues or messy adhesives and looks absolutely real
See video on how to apply.

Categories: Carnival, Halloween
Reference: TTD/Dx-x
Format: 8 x 8 cm | 3 x 3 inch
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