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Instructions for using Teeth FX

Instructions Teeth FX

 Below, you will find instructions for using FX Teeth, a new revolutionary dental prosthetic created by Christien Tinsley.

What you'll need

- Hot water
- Bowl
- Spoon

1. Carefully cut open the package without damaging the contents, and remove the paper face from the plastic product packaging to detach the FX Teeth.

2. Pour hot water into a bowl and soak the dental prosthetic in it for a few seconds. You will notice that this softens the prosthetic. Use the spoon to remove the prosthetic from the water.

3. Place the prosthetic on your upper teeth and press firmly. Allow the prosthetic to cool off in your mouth so that it takes on the shape of your teeth as it hardens.

4. Repeat the process for the lower teeth.

5. The Teeth FX kit also comes with thermoplastic beads. Dump half of the beads into the bowl of hot water. You will notice them becoming soft and transparent. Use the spoon to remove them from the water, then shape them to resemble a 1 to 1.5 inch sausage.

6. Press the sausage-shaped clump into the back side of the dental prosthetic, then place the entire mold onto your teeth. Bite down normally. Allow the material to cool off in your mouth so that the thermoplastic layer takes on the impression of your teeth.

7. Repeat the process for the lower teeth.

8. Your FX Teeth are now fully customized just for you. You can add finishing touches to your look with make-up, fake blood, or 3D FX Transfers. Be creative and use your imagination!