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Instructions TanToo Stickers

How to apply a TanToo?

1. Decide where on your body you want to have the TanToo (sun tanning tattoo).

2. Make the skin clean, degreased and dry.

3. Remove the suntantoo from the sticker sheet.


 4. Place the Tantoo on your body and press the sun tantoo sticker gently.

5. You can now go sunbathing or use a sunbed.

6. You will see that you will have a lovely natural tattoo when you remove the Tantoo after sunbathing.




7. If you are sunbathing for several days you better replace the sun Tantoo sticker regulary. Make sure that you place the Tantoo sticker at exactly the same position.


Once your Tantoo is ready

When your suntantoo is ready, please enjoy the result!

But please beware of this:

* If you go sunbathing without the TanToo sticker, the skin will go tanning again.

* At the place where the sticker has been the skin has been protected from the sun for a while. Therefore this skin area will be more sensitive to the sun. Take care that the skin does not burn (using sunscreen is the message).