Foil Temporary Tattoos

What are foil temporary tattoos?

Foil temporary tattoos are a revolutionary new product in the accessory market. The trend started with the famous Flash tattoos. Since then foil tattoos have gone a long way.

You can find foil tattoos in many types now: the very fashionable gold and silver foil tattoos, the dazzling holographic foil tattoos, the very colorfull Prismfoil tattoos, hair temporary tattoos,...

Foil tattoos are characterized by their shiny, metallic look.

The foil tattoo trend has a very bright future.

New Products For August

Gemstones  - Holographic Tattoonie
Gemstones - Holographic Tattoonie £1.99
Size: 1.5x2 Inch 4.5x5.5 cm
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Gold Spine Tattoos
Gold Spine Tattoos £2.59
Size: 2x10 Inch 5x25 cm
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Gold Arrows & Cuff Bracelets Tattoos
Gold Arrows & Cuff Bracelets Tattoos £2.29
Size: 2x6.5 Inch 5x16.5 cm
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More about Foil tattoos

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