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Catch the attention with your Sleeve temporary tattoo!

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Fake tattoo sleeve

Looking for a fake tattoo sleeve? Then Tattooforaweek is the place to be! A real tattoo is forever and forever is really forever. A nice first step is to get a fake tattoo with sleeve. A fake tattoo of a sleeve is trendy and hip for a festival or party. Nobody will notice that your sleeve tattoo is fake!

Fake tattoo sleeve

Do you want to be the hells angel at a party or do you want one of the Amy Winehouse tattoos? Then go for a cool fake sleeve tattoo. So you know how it will feel with a sleeve tattoo on your arm. These cool sleeve tattoos can't be distinguished from real tattoos and they stay on for up to a week. With a fake tattoo sleeve you can change your look completely, if you want something different. When you are tired of the fake tattoo, you can simply remove it again, because the tattoos are easy to remove.

Adhesive tattoo sleeve

What you see a lot these days for fancy dress parties, are sleeve tattoos of shirts or socks. But if you look closely, you can see that these sleeve tattoos are fake. With the stick-on tattoos from Tattooforaweek, you don't see this. So wear this temporary tattoo to parties and festivals, nobody will notice it! Buy your temporary tattoo at Tattooforaweek!