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3D FX Transfers "Gouged"

€24,99 Incl. BTW

With this amazing Gouged Wound 3D FX Transfers, it will be like take a slice out of your face.
The FX gouged wound 3D transfer is latex free and can be applied with water! Like magic, it blends into your skin for a professional look.

3D FX Transfers, the revolutionary new prosthesis. This technology earned Tinsley Transfers an Academy Award for technical achievement. Easy to apply, self-translating, no glue or messy adhesives required and looks absolutely real.

Use Tinsley Transfers' high quality fake blood or fake blood for an even better result!

Categories: Carnival, Halloween, Tinsley Transfers
Reference: TTD/D4-26
Format: 8 x 8 cm | 3 x 3 inch
Amount in stock: 10
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