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The Meaning of Celtic Knots Tattoos

Meaning of the celtic knot tattoo

The Celtic knot is probably the most representative symbol of the Celtic culture and although not many people know anything about Celts, the knots are easily recognizable as belonging to them.

A clear meaning cannot be attributed to the Celtic knots, as there is not much written about their beginnings. They appeared around the year 450 AD and became more and more used by people throughout history, in different contexts. Having these in mind, some possible meanings of the knots can be inferred.

Other names of the Celtic knot are “the mystic knot” or “the endless knot”, these names converging towards its spiritual meaning of relation between the beginning and the end. Actually, these knots have no beginning and no end, thus revealing how cyclic is the nature and the spirit of the human being. It takes us back to our primeval selves and makes us thing about the cycles of birth and rebirth happening in this world.

The fact that the knots are not interrupted also leads to the idea of the cycle of life both in humans and animals, representing a lucky and hope-giving charm for many. Thus, people who choose the Celtic knot as decoration in their homes or on their bodies feel that it is protecting them by any bad thing that might interfere in their calm thread of life.

There are many products displaying the Celtic knots, from jewelry to interior decoration items, especially for these purposes. From the most ancient times people used to make gifts of Celtic knots, expressing this way their wishes of long life and good luck to the ones they were offered to.

One of the most common knot designs is the Celtic Trinity Knot, or the Triquetra, which you are surely familiar with. Its name comes from Latin and it depicts the three corners of the sign.

Although the meaning of the Triquetra is disputed, its most recognized interpretations refer to the religious trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The pagan school of thought interprets the three corners as the three feminine powers: Mother, Crone and Maiden and impartial people think of them as simply mind, body and spirit.

There are many people who display Triquetra tattoos on different parts of their bodies, either as a religious or spiritual evidence.

Now it is up to you to attribute whichever significance you consider appropriate to the Celtic knots and decide if you want this symbol to accompany you in life maybe in the shape of a tattoo on your body.

The mysticism behind it makes it a very interesting and spiritual symbol, so if you like to explore the deeper layers of knowledge, the endless knot will be a good companion to you.

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