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How to Get a Long-Lasting Henna Tattoo

How to get long lasting henna tattoos?

If you enjoy watching Indian movies, if you have been to India or just if you love their culture, you certainly know about the custom of getting henna tattoos on the hands and feet. This body art manifestation dates back to Ancient Egypt and it involves using the henna plant (called Lawsonia Inermis) for performing temporary tattoo designs on the skin.

Weddings in India are special celebration when all the brides get tattooed with henna on their body. This burgundy-colored plant lasts for around two weeks on the skin, being removed by the natural process of skin exfoliation. However, you can take some extra measures if you want your henna tattoo to last longer.

1. Leave henna on for 4 to 6 hours

The longer you leave the henna paste on your skin, the darker the color will be. Darker colors last longer, of course, so be careful to keep your henna on your skin and also to keep it moist for 4 to 6 hours. Exposing it to some steam will keep the substance active and prevent it from drying. After this time you can remove your paste slowly with a butter knife or with running water.

2. Keep your skin dry

After you remove the henna from your skin, don’t take a bath or go swimming for 12 hours. Stay in a dry environment in order for the darkening process to take effect.

3. Don’t sit in the sun

It’s also important not to expose your henna tattoo directly to the sun rays in the first 48 hours after applying. The sun will stop the substance from darkening.

4. Nourish your tattoo

After 12 hours from applying it have passed, start moisturizing your tattoo area with oil. This will keep your skin layer hydrated and less inclined to exfoliate.

5. Use lemon juice

Sprinkle some lemon juice on your henna tattoo, as the citric acid seals henna and protects it from exfoliation.

6. Don’t rub the area during bath

Be careful to not scrub the area of your tattoo during showers or baths. You can just use a mild soap and running water to protect the henna.

7. Stay away from pools

The water in pools contains chlorine which acts on your temporary henna tattoo, making it fade out faster. You can use spray bandage sealer on your tattooed area if you plan to go swimming.

8. Avoid saunas

Don’t go to steam rooms or saunas if you want to maintain your henna tattoo longer, the steaming process stimulates skin regeneration, thus encouraging exfoliation and the removal of your henna skin layer.

Follow these suggestions closely and your henna temporary tattoo will accompany you for up to a month! If you need other tattoo designs please check here!

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