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Famous Actresses and Their Tattoos

Famous actresses and their tattoos

Tattoos are very popular among all categories of people, that’s one sure thing. The tattoos of famous people are given much more importance, that’s another certainty. Having these idea in mind, we thought about some famous actresses who have tattoos that people talk about and we made a top, according to our preferences. Let’s see if you agree with it.

No. 5: Eva Longoria

Everybody knows her from the series Desperate Housewives, where she played the role of Gabrielle Solis. She used to have more tattoos on her body but got some of them removed after separating from baseball player Tony Parker.

The love for her ex-husband was expressed through a tattoo of their wedding date on her right wrist, a tattoo that said “nine” (the number on Tony’s T-Shirt) on the back of her neck and his initials in a more intimate place.

The tattoos that are left on her body and that we know of are a Celtic cross and a colored flower on her lower back. We included her in our top, on the last place, because we appreciate the scars left on her body after the removal of the three tattoos.

No. 4: Jessica Biel Tattoos

We like Jessica’s white dove tattoo on her lower abdomen, so we decided to include her in our top. It’s a very simple and childish design, but the fact that the dove reminds us of her 7th Heaven role is enough to realize how important the series was for her. The peace dove carrying an olive branch is a very common tattoo which represents freedom, peace and a connection with the sky.

No. 3: Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron acted in very different types of movies such as Sweet November, The Italian Job, Prometheus and Monster, which got her an Oscar for a gruesome serial killer role. We placed her on number three because we like her small and elegant feet tattoos. She has a small fish on her left ankle and a cute flower near her toes on her right foot.

No. 2: Megan Fox Tattoos

Megan is full of tattoos, which can be a big plus but also a minus in our top. Women look nice if they have the appropriate tattoos, but too many of them ruin the overall appearance. Megan has some really nice tattoos: a moon and a sun, the word “Brian”, a couple of quotes, a flower on her wrist and maybe others that we are not aware of.

She also had the face of Marilyn Monroe on her right arm but she had it removed because she regretted choosing her as an icon. Second place for Megan, as she tends to exaggerate with her tattoos.

No. 1: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba looks amazing no matter what she is wearing. We chose her to be in the top of our chart because we love her sensual appearance and the way she matched her simple tattoos with her overall look. She has the word for lotus flower in Sanskrit tattooed on her right wrist, some flowers on the back of her neck, a bow as a tramp stamp and there might be some other tattoos she has that we are not aware of. Small and sensual tattoos placed somewhere inspired are the best recipe for us.

This was our choice of tattooed actresses. We are wondering if playing different parts in movies stops them from getting bigger tattoos so that they don’t ruin their image. Let us know if you have more ideas on this topic!

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