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The Latest Trend in Tattoos: Gruesome Wounds and Scratch Marks 3D Tattoos

Latest trends in tattoos

As our society is constantly evolving and people are getting bored faster, the power of imagination shows how limitless are the possibilities of the human being. In what concerns tattoo art, the next trend is to get realistic 3D tattoos that show wounds, monsters, additional limbs or interior carvings meant to shock and make people turn their heads in awe.

There are many ingenious ideas of 3D tattoo art and most of them are carefully crafted works that require long hours but have a spectacular final effect. The most common ideas are the ones that give an impression of looking inside the body, of having ripped flesh and broken bones, of having an interior eye, a monster living inside the body or of having prosthetic limbs packed with metal on the inside.

Some people are brave enough to get this kind of tattoos permanently on their bodies, in visible places. There are people who have an interior eye behind the ripped flesh of the chest or the muscle showing from underneath a sectioned shoulder derma. Others have the flesh on their back ripped apart, showing a robotic spine or some complex wiring.

The ideas are so limitless that you get surprised every time you see such a tattoo as you could have never imagined it to be. Maybe you have never thought of getting a tattoo that would make your leg look as if it is carved or maybe you have never imagined you can tattoo a zipper or buttons on your skin, to make it look like it is a piece of cloth.

Well, all these are possible and there are plenty of people who are getting these spectacular and also gruesome permanent tattoos on big surfaces of their bodies. We really wonder what will come next in the tattoo domain, after people will get bored of this trend too.

Until then, you can think about these kind of tattoos, maybe you come up with ideas of your own. However, we strongly recommend you start off with a temporary tattoo ( choose one from here) and not a permanent one, as it is always possible that you regret the effect it has on you.

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