Can I change design of my custom tattoos after ordering?

FAQ Summary:  Date: Monday 25 March, 2019
Yes, but if you want to change the design after we have sent you a Proof PDF, you need to pay 20€ / 20£ / 25$ extra.

FAQ Content:
We really love it when you like the custom temporary tattoos we made for you!

If you ordered a custom temporary tattoo and you have send us the wrong design, please mail the correct design to us as soon as possible.

Once we receive your order we start making a proof PDF, so that you can see what your tattoo will look like. You will be able to see the difference between white and transparant, etc...

Once we have sent you the proof PDF, we can not change the design of your temporary tattoo for free. Please understand that making the proof PDF takes time from our Artwork department employees.

You can still change the design of your custom temporary tattoo after you have a recieved a Proof PDF, but the price for this is 20€ / 20£ / 25$.

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