What type of temporary tattoos buy at TattooForAWeek?

FAQ Summary:  Date: Tuesday 28 August, 2012
We sell temporary transfer tattoos.

FAQ Content:

TattooForAWeek.com only sells temporary transfer tattoos.

Temporary transfer tattoos consist of:
- the front and the back of the sheet of transfer paper
- ink
- glue
- a protective plastic sheet.

The transfer temporary tattoos are applied by removing the plastic sheet, placing the image face down against the skin and moistening the backing by wetting it thoroughly.

We also sell:

- Tattoo markers & pens
- Tattoo sprays
- Tantoos (= sun tan tattoos)
- 3D FX tattoos
- Body jewels & gemstones
- Tattoo paper

TattooForAWeek DOES NOT offer:

- airbrush tattoos or airbrush tattoo supplies
- temporary tattoo kenji stones
- Jagua tattoo ink or Jagua tattoo stencils

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